"What the f**k": GreenSuigi beats the 16 star world record on Super Mario 64 once again

GreenSuigi beats 16 star world record on Super Mario 64 (Image by SportsKeeda)
GreenSuigi beats 16 star world record on Super Mario 64 (Image by SportsKeeda)
Vijith Nair

The well-known Super Mario 64 speedrunner GreenSuigi has beaten the 16 star world record one more time.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, GreenSuigi took up the challenge of beating the 16 star world record in the popular speedrunning game Super Mario 64. He managed to beat the record by clocking in a time of 14 minutes and 54 seconds which shaves off one second from the previous record.

GreenSuigi beats his own 16 star world record in insane speedrun while livestreaming

Speedrunner and Twitch streamer GreenSuigi was at it yet again as he was grinding for a world record in the popular game Super Mario 64. He was livestreaming the speedrun on Twitch when the record was broken. He managed to beat the game with 16 stars collected in 14 minutes and 54 seconds.

Funnily enough, the previous 16 star world record was also held by GreenSuigi who had managed to achieve it just a few days ago. The previous record was just a second slower than the new one standing at 14 minutes and 55 seconds. The record before that was held by another streamer for around three months before GreenSuigi broke it by one second.

GreenSuigi ended his speedrun with 14:54:09 on the clock while livestreaming. However, that has since been retimed to 14:54:156 which is still the new 16 star world record for the game. He cleared this up with a recent tweet from his Twitter account.


When GreenSuigi ended his run he couldn't believe what he had just managed to achieve again in a matter of days and he exclaimed:

"What the f**k?

Super Mario 64 has one of the most thriving speedrunning scenes in the gaming community with records being made very frequently. It sits third on the list on the website, only behind Metroid Dread and Minecraft. The runs on Super Mario 64 are so optimized that only pixel-perfect runs by experienced campaigners stand a chance of breaking records.

GreenSuigi has broken the 16 star world record which is only one of the categories in the game. There are other categories on Super Mario 64 based on the stars collected before beating the game and all those categories have their own world records.

The clip of GreenSuigi beating the world record soon hit the LivestreamFails reddit page and fans had their say about the amazing feat.

Records seem to be broken on a regular basis on Super Mario 64 to this day which makes fans of the game excited to see how long this one by GreenSuigi will last.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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