FaZe Clan posts in support of Grace Van Dien amid renewed controversy surrounding FaZe Rain 

FaZe Clan comes out in support of Grace Van Dien amid drama with Rain (Image via FaZe Clan/Twitter)
FaZe Clan comes out in support of Grace Van Dien amid drama with Rain (Image via FaZe Clan/Twitter)

FaZe Clan has announced its support for Grace Van Dien, aka Bluefille, hours after Nordan "Rain" released a video of their interaction, which went "terribly wrong." The video ended with Van Dien walking out of the room in an emotionally charged state, claiming that she would leave the esports organization if it was released.

In an apparent disregard for Van Dien's request, Rain released the video, and clips have already gone viral on social media. In turn, FaZe Clan's official Twitter handle has come out with a denouncement of the recent mistreatment of their newest signing, clearly indicating that it stands by Van Dien.

The statement reads:

"FaZe is no stranger to contrasting viewpoints and passionate opinions on the future of the brand. Recruitment has always drawn that out. But make no mistake, the mistreatment of our newest member is in no way OK. Grace joined in hopes to bring her voice to FaZe & we stand by her."

Rain replies to FaZe Clan's tweet in support of Grace Van Dien

The streaming community has been a spectator to the Grace Van Dien-FaZe Rain feud for the last week, with many taking sides. For context, Rain has been beefing with FaZe Clan's upper management for some time now and recently criticized the organization's decision to sign the actress.

The online spat escalated recently when the two exchanged personal insults. Van Dien even referred to Rain almost OD'ing on stream in her comeback to his insults about her not knowing what a trickshot is.

To put their feud to bed, the two met up and discussed their issues with each other on camera, but the discussion quickly went south.


Before leaving the room, Van Dien even claimed that she would leave FaZe Clan if the video got released, indicating how upset she really was.

Regardless, Rain has uploaded the video on YouTube and also replied to FaZe Clan's tweet about supporting Van Dien, saying:

"Ratio shut ur dumb*** up Cbass"
Rain's response to FaZe Clan statement (Image via @FaZe_Rain/Twitter)
Rain's response to FaZe Clan statement (Image via @FaZe_Rain/Twitter)

Here are some fan reactions to FaZe Clan's statement:

For a better understanding of the feud between Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain, read our article on the whole controversy.

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