"If they release anything, I'm leaving": Grace Van Dien says she will leave FaZe if Rain releases video of their debate

FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien
FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien's meetup went south really quick (Image via FaZe Rain/YouTube)

The drama between Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain has taken a turn for the worse after the latter released a video of their recent interaction, which ended with the former walking away. The two streamers have been feuding over the last week, and it all began with FaZe Clan's decision to sign the Stranger Things actress to its roster.

After exchanging some personal insults online, it appears the pair sat down in person to talk it out. However, the interaction turned sour after about 20 minutes, and Van Dien walked out of the room in a distraught state, giving FaZe Clan what seemed like an ultimatum:

"Um, tell [unintelligible] that I am not doing this video. And if they release anything, I'm leaving FaZe."

"You're a terrible person": FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien's discussion meant to patch things up goes wrong


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For those out of the loop, Grace Van Dien "Bluefille" and Nordan "Rain" have been feuding ever since the latter spoiled the news that FaZe Clan was going to sign the former as a content creator. Rain has been beefing with the upper management of the esports organization and took to social media to label the signing as political.

In subsequent online spats, Rain and Van Dien exchanged a number of insults. The former questioned the up-and-coming streamer's knowledge of video games, while the latter brought up his drug problem.

Their recent sit-down was supposed to be a way to find some middle ground. However, by the 20th minute of the video, it had devolved into a mess, something that Rain pointed out in a tweet:

Seconds before Van Dien walked out of the room, saying the video of the interaction shouldn't be released, she called Rain a bad person, saying:

"I think you're a terrible person."

Grace Van Dien found quite a few supporters during the initial online clash. It is unclear whether or not she will choose to leave FaZe Clan now that the video has been released on YouTube.