"He shouldn't have said that": Asmongold defends Grace Van Dien for her overdose remark about FaZe Rain

Asmongold weighs in on the FaZe Rain vs Grace Van Dien feud (Image via Sportskeeda)
Asmongold weighs in on the FaZe Rain vs Grace Van Dien feud (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch veteran Zack "Asmongold" has come out defending up-and-coming streamer Grace Van Dien, aka Bluefille, for her remarks about FaZe Rain overdosing on stream. The two FaZe Clan members have been carrying an online spat since Nordan "Rain" spoilt the news of Grace joining the organization before the official announcement. The feud has only gotten more heated as the two exchange insults over social media.

While the whole esporting and streaming world has been looking at the incident with various reactions, many criticized Bluefille's recent remark about Nordan overdosing on stream after he called her "mid." Asmongold has come out swinging, decidedly siding with the former creator, saying Grace Van Dien was well within her rights to clap back after being subjected to personal insults:

"So this is my perspective on this, okay? I believe in self-defense. And if he wants to call her mid and she makes fun of him for almost overdosing on a stream? I think that's totally fine. He shouldn't have said that and made it personal."

Zack doubled down on his views by using an analogy about taking the high road, saying that if people were playing dirty, then he is completely fine with meeting them at their level:

"I'll take the high road, I'll stay on the high road no problem. But if you take the low road, I'll meet you there. That's what I think."

Why is Asmongold defending Grace Van Dien? FaZe Rain's remarks that started the online beef

During his defense of Grace, Asmongold mentioned that using personal insults such as calling her "mid" made her remark about overdosing alright. For those out of the loop, here is what FaZe Rain had said about her after she protested his remarks about her getting the contract only because of her appearance on Stranger Things:

"All I want to say is, you're Gold in Valorant. Make Stranger Things your entire personality, even though you were on only one episode. You found out about Twitch through Tumblr. Not only have you not hit a trick shot, but you don't even know what the f*ck that is... On top of it, you're excruciatingly mid..."

Timestamp: 8:00

That particular comment about her being mid was what Asmongold saw as justification enough for what Grace Van Dien would respond with. In a later stream, she would directly address FaZe Rain's "trick shot," and Stranger Things comment. Van Dien retorted, saying that she only knew him as the person who almost overdosed on stream:

"He says I don't even know what a trickshot is, you're right, I don't. And I know that's kind of what you're known for. But I know you, Rain, as the person who almost overdosed on a livestream, and I know that you are better now and I'm really proud of you for that."

Here are some reactions from Redditors of r/LivestreamFail to Asmongold's stance on the feud.

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