"When you were still playing with Barbies, I made my first million" - FaZe Rain slams Grace Van Dien

FaZe Rain responded to Grace Van Dien via a new YouTube video (Images via Grace Van Dien/Twitter and Nordan Shat/YouTube)
FaZe Rain responded to Grace Van Dien via a new YouTube video (Images via Grace Van Dien/Twitter and Nordan Shat/YouTube)

The controversy surrounding FaZe Clan continues as Nordan Shat, popularly known as "FaZe Rain," has responded to the organization's newest addition, Grace Van Dien. For context, the latter went off at FaZe Rain's controversial comments about her joining the Clan. She confronted him, asking if he was present at the contract signing meeting, and added that she had never met him personally.

Van Dien also told those who claimed that FaZe Clan signed her because of her appearance in Stranger Things, to "get f**king wrecked." When Nordan heard this, he went on a rant and began roasting the actress. He sarcastically apologized and said:

"Grace, I'm sorry. All I want to say is, you're Gold in Valorant. Make Stranger Things your entire personality, even though you were on only one episode. You found out about Twitch through Tumblr. Not only have you not hit a trick shot, but you don't even know what the f**k that is! When you were still playing with Barbies, I made my first million out of this industry. On top of it, you're excruciatingly mid, who I would never let touch me on my drunkest night."

FaZe Rain shares some rather strong sentiments in response to Grace Van Dien's call-out

FaZe Rain responded to Grace Van Dien's call-out at the six-minute mark of his recent video titled, THE NEW FAZE CLAN. In it, the actress was heard saying:

"FaZe Rain said that the only reason I was signed with FaZe is because I was in Stranger Things. I'm sorry, sir. Were you in the meeting with us? Were you there? No! I've never f**king met you! And, that is not why they signed me. Like, that is definitely how I got the meetings. Yes! I will definitely give that credit, how I got the meeting. But, that is absolutely not... why I was signed. Things that we spoke about in the meeting are... why... so, get f**king wrecked... to everyone saying that."

After hearing Van Dien ask if Nordan was present in the meeting, the YouTuber exclaimed, asserting that the corporate side of FaZe Clan decided who the organization's followers "want to see":

"That's my f**king point, b**ch! Like, that is literally my point! None of us were! It's a bunch of corporate people deciding who the FaZe fans want to see in FaZe. That's what I'm getting at! It's not people who know what the community wants. It's random Boomers that are doing it, politically for deals."

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FaZe Rain then doubled down on his take that Grace Van Dien joined FaZe Clan because of her appearance in Stranger Things:

"Honestly, like, she probably felt, like, hurt that I said, like, 'Oh, she got it off Stranger Things.' Which was true, by the way. But, it probably made her feel like, 'Oh, wow! Try to make it sound like, that's the only reason I got anything.' Like, bro, it's just the truth. Like, you don't have to get sad about it. Get insecure about it. I'm sure you're great in a million other different things. But yes, that is why you joined FaZe! Be real about it! I'm sorry."

Fans react to FaZe Rain's response to Grace Van Dien

Drama Alert's tweet featuring FaZe Rain's response has attracted quite a lot of attention on the social media platform. Here's what netizens had to say:

The catalyst for the controversy was Nordan's tweet (on May 21, 2023) in which he leaked Grace Van Dien as FaZe Clan's newest signing. He went on to say that it was an "entirely political move."