FIFA 22 officially set to debut on Xbox Game Pass and EA Play later this month

FIFA 22 is coming to EA Play (Image via FIFA 22)
FIFA 22 is coming to EA Play (Image via FIFA 22)

EA has finally revealed the date for FIFA 22's arrival onto EA's famed subscription service and that date seems to be next week. Fans have been eagerly waiting for confirmation of when the title will be made available on EA Play. FIFA 22 is the latest iteration of the long-running football gaming series and has had generally positive reviews throughout the years.


Its arrival on the subscription service will also mean that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will be able to play the game at no additional cost. At the moment, both FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 are available on the service.

When is FIFA 22 coming to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass

EA Play's official Twitter account tweeted earlier that the popular football title will be joining The Play List on the subscription service later next week on June 23, 2022. Currently, EA Play only offers players a chance to test the game for a meagre 10-hour trial. This will change once the game is finally released on the service.

This will also mean that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will seamlessly be able to pick up the game and play around with their favorite football superstar. Although lootbox mechanics and other such aspects have been under criticism for being an anti-player experience, the game in general has been considered an improvement over its predecessors.

This has been largely due to the introduction of its HyperMotion feature. Touted as revolutionizing football gameplay, it is a combination of advanced 11v11 match capture and machine learning, which delivers a host of new features to the game such as full team authentic motion, ML-flow, tactical AI, kinetic air battles, composed ball control, and player humanization.

This adds new depth to the responsiveness, physicality, and intensity of both players and teams on the pitch. The aspect of player humanization utilizes the animation captured from the 11v11 match to add more nuanced off-ball movements and expressions that increase immersion for players. However, the new HyperMotion feature is strictly a next-gen console feature.


FIFA 22 has added further new updates that can be found in the title's gameplay reveal that was launched back in 2021. All of this makes it an exciting new addition to EA Play, and, thus, Xbox Game Pass, for players to enjoy. The next iteration of the series is still some time away and the addition will likely bring in newer players to try out the game.

On a parting note, EA has been testing the waters with a cross-play online multiplayer feature in FIFA 22. This has been a feature that fans have long demanded in the game. In May, EA announced that they are testing the feature for a limited number of modes in the game. One wonders if FIFA 23 will be released with the feature.