FIFA 23 85+ Mixed Campaign Upgrade SBC: Best and worst possible rewards

The 85+ Mixed Campaign Upgrade has a huge reliance on luck in terms of its rewards to FIFA 23 players (Images via EA Sports)
The rewards that FIFA 23 players can expect from the 85+ Mixed Campaign Upgrade SBC will heavily depend on their luck (Images via EA Sports)

The 85+ Mixed Campaign Upgrade is a great opportunity for FIFA 23 players who started playing the game late. The special SBC offers one card from the promos that were released during the early stages of the game, allowing players to obtain one of those cards without having to use the FUT market.

These challenges are usually well-received by the community due to the unique rewards they offer. EA Sports has also added an overall modifier that removes some of the weaker cards from these promos, increasing the value of the potential rewards.

The reward pool of the 85+ Mixed Campaign Upgrade is significantly larger compared to other similar challenges. This increases the chance for players to get some great returns, but it also increases the number of less desirable cards in the reward pool. Let’s take a look at the best and worst possible rewards that FIFA 23 players can receive from this SBC.

The rewards from FIFA 23's 85+ Mixed Campaign Upgrade SBC will heavily depend on luck

The rewards obtained from the 85+ Mixed Campaign Upgrade SBC will always be rated 85 or higher, and any promo cards lower than that number will be removed from the reward pool.

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Here are the following promos that are present in the SBC:

  • Ones To Watch
  • Out of Position
  • Winter Wildcards
  • TOTY Honorable Mentions
  • Fantasy FUT

The most interesting additions among all the five promos are the TOTY Honorable Mentions and Fantasy FUT. The former was present as part of the TOTY celebrations, so this is an amazing opportunity for those FIFA 23 players who missed out on it. As for Fantasy FUT, the promo ended recently on Friday, March 17.

Best possible rewards

  • Vinicius TOTY Honorable Mentions
  • Karim Benzema Winter Wildcards
  • Marcos Llorente Fantasy FUT
  • Kevin De Bruyne Winter Wildcards
  • William Saliba Fantasy FUT

All these five cards have incredible value in the FIFA 23 FUT market, which is much higher than what the SBC costs. This makes each of them a great reward, and they all possess strong stats that perform well in the current meta. Additionally, the cards of Marcos Llorente and William Saliba have the potential to receive upgrades in the future, making them even more valuable.

Worst possible rewards

  • Steven Bergwijn One To Watch
  • Denzel Dumfries Out of Position
  • Marcelino Moreno Winter Wildcards
  • Ander Herrera Winter Wildcards
  • Kamal Miller Fantasy FUT

None of these five cards come close to the cost of completion of the SBC, which makes them a terrible return on investment. The stats are suboptimal, and they don't really work well in the current meta of the game. The combination of poor stats and value makes these cards the worst possible rewards from the 85+ Mixed Campaign Upgrade.

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