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Final Rags to Riches Fortnite tournament leaderboard: Who were the big winners?

Image via TG PLAYS
Image via TG PLAYS
Rob Kalajian
Modified 15 Feb 2021

Fortnite's Rags to Riches tournament took place recently, with players competing in the Sunday night LTM with an item-upgrade theme.

All seven regions have been wrapped up, and the final leaderboards are up.

Rags to Riches Fortnite tournament leaderboard

All results displayed here have been picked up from the Fortnite Tracker. Fans can click on each region's name to see the full leaderboards, as just the top three duos from each are listed below.

The LTM took place with players teaming up in duos. Each team was allowed to play a maximum of 10 matches and earned points based on eliminations and placement within each match.


  1. 心臓を捧げよǃǃ
  2. Qjac respect
  3. Riahreyli ӝ


  1. NG Welly
  2. Lil peep メ
  3. reflux ぷ


  1. Nova boutje_YT
  2. ginotopolino57
  3. IV Danny

Middle East

  1. 77 7uruth
  3. A9 Mohib

NA East

  1. SCYED
  2. Kauzy on 120
  3. Jutraz

NA West

  1. Its_bicc on ig
  2. PeppyTuna75
  3. Cynxz_


  1. Сohen
  2. chow likes rice
  3. K16 Velocityy

For players unfamiliar with the Rags to Riches mode of play, all loot dropped is gray. As players gain eliminations, random weapons are upgraded in quality until their kit is maxed out.

This means seeking out other players is essential to success but also makes this mode extremely dangerous.

What is most interesting about Rags to Riches is that it levels the playing field by removing randomness. This makes these matches heavily based on skill compared to other modes.

This also makes Rags to Riches more aggressive, as there is no other way to upgrade weapons other than eliminating other players.

The Rags to Riches Fortnite tournament had a great turnout in each region.

Published 15 Feb 2021, 20:24 IST
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