Following partnerships with Arsenal and UFC, Prime Hydration becomes "first creator-led brand" to appear in Super Bowl commercial

Prime features in Super Bowl 2023 commercial (Image via Sportskeeda)
Prime features in a Super Bowl 2023 commercial (Image via Sportskeeda)

Content creators Logan Paul and JJ "KSI's" Prime Hydration Drink has recently taken some big steps to further grow their brand after making a surprise appearance in a Super Bowl 2023 commercial.

Despite the grandiosity of the occasion, the commercial comes as no surprise that the drinks brand has already made collaborative ventures with the likes of Arsenal (Premier League team) and UFC after becoming the official drinks partner of both well-known organizations.

Nonetheless, a Super Bowl commercial is a significant milestone for the YouTubers' brand. In fact, Prime is one of the first creator-run companies to feature in a broadcasting commercial for the NFL Championship. Here's what the advertisement looked like:

"We are the first YouTube creators to have a Super Bowl ad" - KSI reacts as Prime ad airs during Super Bowl commercials

For those unaware, KSI and Logan Paul are currently in Perth, Australia for the official launch of Prime in the Oceanic country. With this, Australia becomes only the fourth nation (the UK, USA, and Canada being the other three) to have access to the brand's products.

A Super Bowl commercial for the brand is the ideal indicator of their burgeoning success and popularity. Furthermore, the advertisement appeared just moments after the National Anthem was sung ahead of the Championship match.

Regarding the airing of the advertisement, KSI stated:

"I wanna see you ready with your phones out to stage us, tag me, Logan and the whole team, tag us on Instagram, tag us on Twitter, tag us on all the social medias. I wanna see you watching the Prime Super Bowl ad, people, because this is crazy. We are the first YouTube creators to have a Super Bowl ad."

He continued:

"We wouldn't have done it without you, so, people, this is a celebration, a celebration that we have created and we get to see it together and it's amazing. I wanna thank each and every one of you. I can't wait, let's go ham!"

Here's what the internet said about Prime's latest accomplishment

Ever since its official launch in early 2022, the brand has shown no signs of slowing down. After receiving major sponsorship deals from the likes of Arsenal and UFC, their latest coup has managed to garner a multitude of reactions, most of which are positive. Here are some of the most relevant ones:

Interestingly, the sports and energy drinks brand isn't the only creator-based association with the Super Bowl. Popular YouTuber MrBeast briefly appeared in one of the commercials during the event as well. To read about what other well-known content creators said during the event, click here.

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