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Fortnite: Best building tips and tutorials

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 16 Jul 2020, 00:45 IST

Fortnite has ballooned into one of the most popular games widely available throughout the gaming community. With the multiple ongoing and planned competitive Fortnite events, it can be good to learn and relearn a few building tips and tricks, especially if you plan to compete.

Fortnite Building Tutorials

Easily the best and most detailed tutorials currently available in the Fortnite community is the series put out by Billy Bicep. These tutorial videos cover just about everything you could need to know from the absolute beginner levels to the intermediate and advanced building tricks.

Billy’s videos start off by teaching the absolute basics such as ramp building patterns and how to reinforce them.

If you’re new to the game, or just looking to refresh your skills, you should watch the whole tutorial series. It does a great job of showing how mobility in Fortnite works, what skills you need in order to outposition your opponents, and how to string everything together.


Specific Fortnite Tips

Many Fortnite players are beyond the basics however, and won’t want to spend time on those. For these players, make sure to check out the more advanced building videos, or the specific building technique breakdowns. 

In addition to the building guides, Billy has also created tutorials for how to attack and defend against many of the common tactics. This can include which angles to approach, mind games to apply, and which skills you need to practice to pull it off in an actual game.

How to train your skills in Fortnite

Just watching someone do something, or talk about doing something, is not enough to improve your building technique alone. You’re going to want to find an environment where you can train these skills. If you have a dedicated training map you like to use, go ahead and load it up and practice the editing and building patterns.


It’s good to start in a stress free environment before attempting these techniques in an actual game of Fortnite in order to build your muscle memory. Once you think you can build and edit whatever technique you are trying to learn, go ahead and find a 1v1 training server where you can practice against an opponent. 

1v1 maps are a great second step because you can practice your new technique without having to grind and loot in a Battle Royale game. Additionally, if you mess up or lose a fight, trying again is only a few moments away. 

Once you’ve applied your new technique, go ahead and start up a normal game and see if you can find a situation to use your new skills. You might mess up a few times in a real game, but that’s normal. What matters is that you’re looking for a chance to put it to use. Good luck!

Published 16 Jul 2020, 00:45 IST
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