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Fortnite community members make Rocket League game mode

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 21 Oct 2020, 00:20 IST

With the addition of tennis balls and drivable vehicles to the Fortnite creative mode, at least one crafty player has decided to recreate a version of Rocket League in the game. The map features a small ring assembled out of metal walls and floors, and uses the recent addition of drivable cars in Fortnite in conjunction with an oversized ball.

The connection between Rocket League in Fortnite

Rocket League recently had a major crossover event with Fortnite planned to celebrate Rocket League being acquired by Epic and brought to the Epic Games Store. Rocket League was also made free-to-play, much like Fortnite, and Fortnite hosted a small event to give players some new Rocket League themed goodies.

Both Rocket League and Fortnite have become two of the most popular and exciting free-to-play games currently available, although that title is still relatively new for Rocket League.

If both games are free, why play through Fortnite?

Because anyone could simply go on to the Epic Games Store and get the game for free, recreating it in Fortnite seems to be more to simply enjoy the creative process. One thing of note is that vehicles in Fortnite do not control nearly as well as they do in Rocket League, and the physics for the ball are not nearly as smooth either.

Of course, the game mode isn’t meant to be a perfect one-to-one recreation of the game, and it’s certainly not there to replace it either. Dedicated Fortnite players and creators commonly recreate their favorite games in Fortnite simply to show what’s possible with a little time and effort.

Recently, the massively popular game Among Us had its own version recreated, retitled as “Amidst Us” instead. However, even Among Us can be played for free for anyone willing to play through their phone, and the PC version is only a few dollars on steam.

However, if you’re more interested in the creative process on Fortnite, or just want to see what people have come up with, then you should consider trying them out with friends. So long as the game remains free, there’s no harm in trying.

Published 21 Oct 2020, 00:20 IST
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