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Fortnite: How to get a stretched resolution in Chapter 2 Season 5

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Modified 16 Feb 2021

A stretched resolution was an incredibly popular way to play Fortnite back in Chapter 1, but it was removed because it made it unfair. Here's how to get it today.

Before starting this process, it is important that viewers have full-screen mode active in Fortnite, otherwise, it will not work.

Be sure to save a copy of the notepad document mentioned below in a separate folder before editing it just in case. Anything saved in the notepad file cannot be undone and these changes will require reinstalling Fortnite to be set back to default.

  1. Find "Gameusersettings" in documents
  2. Easy way is to click start and type %localappdata%, and then press Enter.
  3. go to \FortniteGame\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\.
  4. right-click and Open in Notepad
  5. Change these boxes to look like this
  6. ResolutionSizeX=1280
  7. ResolutionSizeY=1080
  8. LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1280
  9. LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1080
  10. DesiredScreenWidth=1280
  11. DesiredScreenHeight=1080
  12. LastUserConfirmedDesiredScreenWidth=1280
  13. LastUserConfirmedDesiredScreenWidth=1080
  14. Save changes to Notepad and close
  15. Restart PC and start up game to check

If this was done correctly, then Fortnite should be in stretched mode. This guide is for those who want to experience what was once possible in Chapter 1 out of nostalgia.

This should make the field of view much wider for players, but be warned that this isn't a supported method of play by Epic Games. Any tampering with game files to gain an unfair advantage is against their Terms of Service.

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Nostalgia in Fortnite is powerful

The most popular items in Fortnite are the items from Chapter 1. They are normally the rarest and are a part of many sold accounts. Chapter 1 is when many people fell in love with Fortnite and memories are important for many to recapture.

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Many users have stated that they would love to have the option to play on the old map. It wouldn't be hard for Fortnite to add, but it may take away from the number of players on the new map. This may be why Epic Games has refused to humor this suggestion.


Little things like the map and items can bring back the heartwarming nature of nostalgia. If Epic Games won't allow players to experience it on their servers, there's always The Rift.

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Published 16 Feb 2021, 03:14 IST
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