Fortnite players discover a method to play old Fortnite events, revisit OG map, and more in 2021

Mecha vs Kaiju from Season 9
Mecha vs Kaiju from Season 9

Yesterday, a video was posted on YouTube by OrangeGuy outlining the steps needed to play old Fortnite live events and the Chapter 1 map.

Available only to PC and mobile players, Project Rift allows for the download of older Fortnite versions. Players will need to request an access code via Discord and install some extra software to get it all to work, but the results are pretty amazing.

Fortnite - Project Rift

Project Rift is made possible by two developers, Mix and Makks, and on a fundamental level allows players to set up a private Fortnite server. Common among MMORPGs, private servers allow hosts to have tons of flexibility in terms of what content can be accessed, along with tweaks to many different game mechanics.

Right now, Project Rift only serves up vanilla images of older Fortnite releases, each containing the events their respective version highlighted. Their Discord server is the only place to register for an access code and find a full list of events and which build they feature.

In the video example, the giant Mecha vs. Kaiju battle from Season 9 can be viewed.

Setting Up Project Rift

A few steps are required to get set up with Project Rift, the first being to join the Project Rift Discord Server. Once there, proceed to do the following:

  1. Select the "#getting-started" channel for language.
  2. Send a private message to @Jonsey to register a user account. The command to do so is "!register {yourusername}".
  3. @Jonsey will reply to the message with a secret code. Save this for later.
  4. Download and run the EasyInstaller.
  5. Select the Fortnite build for installation. Find more information about each build in the #event-builds channel in the Project Rift Discord.
  6. Choose a folder to install the build.
  7. Launch RiftLauncher.exe and input the secret code and the folder location of the build that was downloaded.

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