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Fortnite Season 4: New floppers and how to use them

(Image Credit: Dexerto)
(Image Credit: Dexerto)
Modified 08 Sep 2020, 19:50 IST

Fortnite Season 4 included quite a few changes to the types of floppers available to players. It gave them new utility tools new choices to make. Those of you used to taking time out of your Fortnite game to fish up a few floppers will be interested in finding out what these new fish can do for you.

Fortnite Floppers

Floppers in Fortnite have always been useful to have around, although never in the way they are now. Traditional floppers were important for players to find due to their role as one of the best healing items in the game. Quick, efficient, and easy to come by, floppers ensured that players had what it took to survive late into the game.

In fact, floppers were so strong that players could frequently use them after briefly evading and barricading themselves into a safe location. If you were hit by a stray round, floppers ensured that you were ready and able to get back into the fight with full health before your enemy could do anything about it.

Now floppers will fulfill some different roles, they won’t be limited to being a defensive item alone.

A brief overview of the new floppers


Fortnite Season 4 will include a split of defensive floppers, offensive floppers, and utility floppers that will give players more decisions to make about which ones to keep around and when to use them.

Defensive floppers in Fortnite Season 4 will prioritize shields instead of health. This will make them slightly better for buffing your survivability, while making them much less useful for surviving or recovering from the storm.

Offensive floppers prioritize enemy identification, usually by locating a nearby enemy, or simply giving the player a temporary thermal vision to make enemies pop out.

And utility floppers are useful depending on the situation, and they prioritize unique movement opt. These can be used to attack aggressively, retreat more effectively, or simply move quickly between locations.

Defensive Floppers in Fortnite

This season will feature a pair of defensive floppers, the Shield Fish and Jellyfish. The Jellyfish can be squeezed to splash the nearby area and restore both health and shields, while the shield fish is consumed to grant shields to that player.

These defensive fish are overall weaker than the health restoring floppers from before, but they do give players another way to gather shields during downtime.

Offensive Floppers in Fortnite

The Thermal Fish and Vendetta Flopper both help players identify enemies in their area. The Vendetta Flopper will simply mark a nearby player, giving you the information you need to locate and attack someone nearby. The Thermal Fish will shift the player’s vision to a high-contrast thermal mode that will make enemies stand out more readily.

These offensive fish are great for getting the drop on someone, or for picking out a target who thinks they are hidden away.


Utility Floppers in Fortnite

The Hop Flopper and Spicy Fish both grant the player a temporary change in how they move. The Spicy Fish gives you a speed boost, and the Hop Flopper enables low gravity for a moment, both of which will enable you to move around a fight in unique ways.

Utility fish should be experimented with, as I expect the Hop Flopper in particular will be useful in late game build fights when players need to navigate a high vertical space.

Unique Floppers

In addition to these more readily available floppers, there’s the Midas Fish which will reportedly upgrade all available weapons in your inventory to legendary rarity, a significant boost that will help any player who finds it.

Good luck!

Published 29 Aug 2020, 00:53 IST
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