Fortnite Season 6 trailer features an unreleased meta-changing weapon

Cluck skin now available to loopers, weapon yet to come. {Image via Epic Games}
Cluck skin now available to loopers, weapon yet to come. {Image via Epic Games}

The recently released Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass Trailer features Cluck, a new skin available through unlocking levels of the battle pass, and a brand new weapon.


This unreleased weapon could change the way Fortnite is played this season.

Fortnite Season 6 trailer reveals meta-changing weapon

For Fortnite Season 6 gamers who are devoted to a certain style of gameplay that revolves around building, the way this weapon operates may not be well-received.

If Cluck's unreleased weapon uses up building materials, as speculated in the tweet above, build-focused players may have to choose between creating a defensive fort or blasting at their opponents should they decide to use this weapon.

For many Fortnite players, the ability to build defensive forts or trap opponents in boxes is their go-to strategy. Should this weapon be released among the others available this Season, and have a real kick to it, their method of building may no longer help them in achieving a #1 Victory Royale.

Fortnite Season 6 players will likely have to choose to use this weapon and lose materials, or nix this weapon entirely.

For Fortnite Season 6 players who gather tons of building materials and have no use for them, however, their in-game experience can be enhanced.

Whether players avoid building due to their own preferences or because they simply have not mastered the defensive tactic, this unreleased weapon's mechanics could put another tool under these players' belts.

Players avoid building during Battle Royale for many reasons.

Among these reasons is that some players feel stress about mastering this method. Being quick with building a fort takes practice and time. Some players would rather act on the offensive.

However, for players who avoid building or simply do not have the time, the unreleased weapon would benefit them in using the materials they gather along the way.

Wood and other building materials are typically gathered upon dropping onto the map within minutes. Should this weapon come to Fortnite Season 6, players who collect items using their pickaxe can begin the game with an advantage if they are able to locate this launcher as well.

If the explosive launcher Cluck is seen using in the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass Trailer becomes available to players later in the season, the divide between different kinds of players could increase.

Nonetheless, the meta of the game stands to be affected by this teased but unreleased weapon.

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