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Fortnite: What are the Gatherers and where to find them

(Image Credit: Fortnite Insider) A Gorger in Fortnite
(Image Credit: Fortnite Insider) A Gorger in Fortnite
Modified 18 Sep 2020, 01:05 IST

The week 4 Fortnite challenges are out, and this week players are on the hunt for the mysterious Gatherers set loose upon the map. If you need help identifying and finding these Gatherers, here’s a quick guide for what they are and where you can find them.

What are the Gatherers in Fortnite

If you’ve encountered a mysterious floating figure seemingly angry at anything that passes near it, then you might think you’ve encountered a Gatherer. However, the large floating machines are actually Gorgers, and they actually function as spawn points for the Gatherers you need.

They’re locations are random in each game, so you have to keep an eye out, or get lucky, in order to find them. They spawn into the game roughly two minutes after the game begins, and can be identified by the bring red light beam that shoots down from the sky when they spawn into Fortnite.

If you see that light, make your way over to them and be ready for a fight. You can build walls, or just dodge, to avoid taking damage while you wait for the Gorger to spawn its Gatherers. You’ll know when you see them, they look like much smaller versions of the Gorgers.

Where to find Gorgers and Gatherers in Fortnite

The hardest part of finding the Gatherers in Fortnite is finding the Gorgers. If you’re lucky, they’ll drop down right in front of you, but more likely they’ll be far away, only identifiable by the red beam that shines when they land. The light is only visible for a brief moment, however, so unless you’re looking for it at the start of the game you might end up missing it entirely.

The best way to find them is to make sure you’re at a high up location, either in a helicopter or on a large hill, when the Gorger drops. If you don’t see it after five or so minutes, then you might have missed it and will have to try again next time.

If you do find it, make your way over to it and wait for the Gatherers to spawn in order to begin destroying them.

Published 18 Sep 2020, 01:05 IST
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