Fortnite Winter Trials: How to participate and earn free rewards

Epic Games has released the Fortnite Winter Trials 2021 (Image via DubzyFortnite | Epic Games)
Epic Games has released the Fortnite Winter Trials 2021 (Image via DubzyFortnite | Epic Games)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

The Fortnite Winter Trials is live, and players can complete various challenges to unlock unique and exclusive rewards.

The official Fortnite portal for the trials seems to be facing a lot of trouble since the announcement went live. Despite repeated attempts to visit it, the website appears to be down due to massive traffic.

Nevertheless, it is expected that Epic Games will soon fix the errors and have the website up and running.

Initially revealed as a leak by data miners such as ShiinaBR and Frenzy, the Fortnite Winter Trials is exclusive to the North American region. Additionally, players must be at least 13 years old to participate in this event.

Apart from these criteria, there are no other restrictions for participants, allowing everyone to take part in the Fortnite Winter Trials.


Fortnite Winter Trials 2021

The Fortnite Winter Trials 2021 allows players to vote for challenges that they want during the trials. Players can also earn exclusive in-game cosmetics by collecting event badges before it ends.

The Fortnite Winter Trials 2021 began on January 25th and is scheduled to run through January 31st.

Gamers can collect event badges by supporting their favorite creators on Fortnite. They can choose from multiple creators such as Nicholas "NickEh30" Amyoony, Ali "SypherPK" Hassan, and others. Players are also rewarded badges for playing Fortnite during the event.

A list of the revealed rewards for the Fortnite Winter Trials 2021 are:

  • Fortnite Unicorn Spay - rewarded after players collects one badge
  • Fortnite Winter Trials Emoticon - rewarded after players collect six badges
  • Fortnite Winter Trials Wrap - rewarded after players collect 12 badges

However, with the official website being inaccessible, further details regarding the event remains unknown.

Nevertheless, with multiple in-game items to claim while supporting their favorite creators, it seems certain that players from the North American region will want to collect all 12 available badges.

The Fortnite Winter Trials 2021 ends by the month-end, so players are advised to complete every objective before that. They can register once the Fortnite Trials website is back up and running.

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