Did Fortnite star "LazarBeam" actually quit the game?: Here is what really happened

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 26 Jan 2021

In a recent video, Fortnite content creator Lannan "LazarBeam" Eacott broke down and rage quit the game. He then went on to repeat multiple times that he had quit the game. Now, he's not the first Fortnite content creator to do so.

There have been issues with Fortnite over the last few months. The game has a few visual bugs which the developers are yet to address, and that's just the beginning of the entire ordeal. Other Fortnite players like Tyler "Ninja" Belvins and Turner "Tfue" Tenney have turned to games like Valorant and Warzone because they stopped enjoying Fortnite altogether.

Did LazarBeam really quit Fortnite?

It's actually rare to see LazarBeam lose his cool on a stream. However, in this particular stream, he did lose his cool after being defeated by an enemy player. He repeatedly mentioned that he quit Fortnite forever in the stream. He even uninstalled Fortnite from his system.

It's understandable that these individuals put in a lot of time and effort in games like these, and then to be defeated due to a bug or a glitch is really annoying. That's exactly what happened to Nicholas "NickEh30" Amyoony. In a Fortnite match, he landed at Stealthy Stronghold with two other enemies but got quickly taken out because he couldn't see a thing.

If bugs like these keep plaguing the game in this manner, then it will be really difficult for people to continue to play this game. Now Epic Games is doing a lot when it comes to Fortnite. They're bringing in new characters and teasing interesting new content from their official Twitter handle among other things. However, not addressing issues like these minor bugs and glitches in the game can cause a lot of problems for them down the line.

As of now, LazarBeam hasn't quit the game. He's reinstalled it, and will soon be back to making video content again according to YouTuber thatdenverguy.

Image via YouTube (thatdenverguy)
Image via YouTube (thatdenverguy)

Fortnite can become mentally frustrating at times. It game is slightly complex anyway, with the continuous building and surviving that goes on in the game, so rage quitting it because a particular round doesn't seem like a very wild idea.

Published 26 Jan 2021
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