Genshin Impact beats Sonic Frontiers to win Player's Voice Award in The Game Awards 2022

The official image for this award from Twitter
The official image for this award from Twitter (Image via The Game Awards)

The Game Awards 2022 has revealed several winners for various categories, with Genshin Impact winning the Player's Voice Award among them. It wouldn't have been possible without the game's massive fanbase. If you voted for Genshin Impact in this category, you are partially responsible for its victory today.

Winning the Players Voice Award at The Game Awards 2022 is no small feat, especially with competition like:

  • Sonic Frontiers
  • Elden Ring
  • God of War Ragnarök
  • Stray

Despite all the odds, Genshin Impact pulled through in the end. When the game won Best Mobile Game last year in The Game Awards 2021, HoYoverse gave away 1,600 free Primogems. One could assume that HoYoverse will do something similar this year for yet another accolade from this same ceremony.

Genshin Impact wins the Player's Voice Award at The Game Awards 2022

This game was nominated for three categories this year:

  • Best Mobile Game
  • Best Ongoing
  • Player's Voice Award

It did not win Best Mobile Game, as Marvel Snap won that award instead. Being nominated for this category is a feat in and of itself, even if HoYoverse couldn't win Best Mobile Game two years in a row.

Similarly, Genshin Impact did not win Best Ongoing, as Final Fantasy XIV won that category. Still, Travelers can be joyful in helping this beloved game win the Player's Voice Award in 2022. Humorously, the host even mentioned that they had to remove bot votes for this particular category, a reference to the ongoing allegations from and to the Sonic Frontiers fandom.

The winning screen from the livestream (Image via The Game Awards)
The winning screen from the livestream (Image via The Game Awards)

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games that still get patches in 2022, so seeing it win the Player's Voice Award shouldn't be too surprising to Travelers. HoYoverse regularly updates the game almost every 42 days, with the most recent update being Version 3.3.

This update introduced Genius Invokation TCG, a playable Wanderer (formerly known as Scaramouche), and the continuation of the Archon Quest storyline, among other fun content for players to enjoy. The popular title shows no sign of slowing down any time soon, meaning that Travelers can expect to see it win more awards in the near future.

Yaoyao teaser

On a related note, Yaoyao made her official debut at The Game Awards 2022 in a brief teaser. The relevant part of that trailer can be seen in the above tweet, which is a brief clip featuring this anticipated character. It doesn't reveal anything too substantial besides Yaoyao's amusing animation.

No other notable news for this popular game occurred at this award show. As for old news, HoYoverse's flagship title recently won Google Play's Best Ongoing award.

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