Sonic Frontiers and Genshin Impact communities clash over TGA Players' Voice Award, accuse each other of botting

Gamers are really passionate within their fandoms
Gamers are really passionate within their fandoms (Image via HoYoverse, SEGA)

The Game Awards Players' Voice Award is decided entirely by fans, making a clash between two fandoms (Sonic Frontiers and Genshin Impact) inevitable. Members of the two communities already have a rowdy reputation, so putting the titles up against each other is bound to bring out the worst in them.

There is no shortage of funny and chaotic reactions exchanged between the two sides. The fandoms have even resorted to accusing each other of botting the votes. Such claims aren't surprising when the main goal for the two communities is for their respective game to win the TGA Players' Voice Award.

Sonic Frontiers and Genshin Impact fans are at odds with one another over TGA Players' Voice Award

There are two sides to every coin, and the first one to look at is the Sonic Frontiers fandom. In this case, there was a guy named Joff Kingly in the Genshin Impact community bragging about creating a bot that would ensure that their game stays in the lead.

Naturally, Sonic Frontiers fans weren't happy. Some people disliked the idea of rigging the system, while others thought it was a new low for the Genshin Impact community.

Unsurprisingly, some fans are making memes where one side is portrayed as innocent, which you're supposed to root for, while the other is full of numerous bots. Based on the accusations thrown around everywhere, it's likely that both sides have used bots to get ahead of the competition, especially with some evidence shown below.

That's a huge, unnatural spike for Sonic Frontiers. Genshin Impact fans are using information like this to fight back and try to win TGA's Players' Voice Award. Other Travelers also got more data from the API, as shown below.

It's clear that both communities want the favorite game to win TGA's Players' Voice Award, even if it means they have to use bots to get the desired outcome. Accusations are flying everywhere, especially as the number of votes keeps changing hourly.

Of course, some Genshin Impact fans have to make memes showing their superiority in terms of votes. It is worth mentioning that there are two popular hashtags right now:

  • #SonicSweep
  • #genshinsweep

Both are being used for their respective fandoms, especially in a gloating manner.

More reactions

Not everybody is on the side of Sonic Frontiers or Genshin Impact. In fact, plenty of people are ridiculing both communities. The tweet shown above has over 139K likes and is an amusing response to the unnecessary drama involving the two video game fandoms.

Some people do have an issue with Genshin Impact winning the award when it's not even a new game compared to its competition. Likewise, others don't like the idea that some individuals only vote for the gacha game for the sake of receiving free Primogems.

It is worth mentioning that both this title and Sonic Frontiers are competing with ELDEN RING, God of War Ragnarök, and Stray for the TGA Players' Voice Award. The latter three games' communities are seemingly nowhere near as dramatic about wanting their titles to win.

Some people, however, do love both the Sonic and Genshin fandoms and don't care which side wins when it comes to the TGA Players' Voice Award. Plenty of fanart crossovers involving the two titles have been presented on social media recently, which is always nice to see if you love both.

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