Genshin Impact controversy ramps up, miHoYo is yet to address the anniversary rewards outrage

Genshin Impact fans are still furious toward miHoYo (Image via Sportskeeda)
Genshin Impact fans are still furious toward miHoYo (Image via Sportskeeda)

miHoYo hasn't commented on any posts regarding the anniversary rewards for Genshin Impact, and fans are furious.

Genshin Impact's initial release date was 28 September 2020. Exactly a year has passed by, and miHoYo hasn't released an anniversary date which could satisfy the fans. Genshin Impact is a gacha game at its core, and anniversary dates tend to be some of the most significant and rewarding events.

However, the anniversary event isn't much bigger than the average one. It doesn't celebrate the core milestone, as fans would expect.

@GenshinImpact Just a piece of advice MHY, you better not resort to blocking people here as well because it never goes well for any game i gotta tell ya.

HoYoLAB being stricter on anniversary posts would also indicate miHoYo's stance on Genshin Impact fans' reactions. However, the company hasn't made any public announcements.

Unfortunately for those fans, they can't comment on the official platforms where miHoYo has some influence. They can speculate on the company's official stance; otherwise, they can take it to non-miHoYo affiliated platforms to voice their displeasure.

Genshin Impact fans' outrage toward miHoYo escalates

Twitter is the platform where Genshin Impact fans are voicing their outrage toward miHoYo. Some have bashed miHoYo on a personal level, while others criticize their business practices. The sheer amount of furious tweets notably outnumbers the posts offering compliments and support.

More often than not, there is a meme to mock miHoYo for the anniversary rewards. If it's not a meme, it's plain text that displays a fan's disappointment in miHoYo.

@GenshinImpact Greetings, miHoYo.I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the One Year Anniversary rewards. I have played Genshin Impact for a whole year and cannot believe your pathetic reward of “40 Primogems".Please give my account 1 free 5-star character “Mona"

Naturally, many Genshin Impact fans were hoping for a free 5-star character. In the tweet above, the user asks for Mona. Many other gacha games do something similar, and they often have systems identical to Genshin Impact's Constellation feature.

Genshin Impact players can get a fair amount of Primogems with current in-game events. However, it's not a notable amount that guarantees more helpful pulls. The character banner is still Kokomi, whereas other gacha games (like Fate/Grand Order) bundle several 5-star units on a banner.

Different players have varying expectations on what they want from the 1st anniversary. However, the common sentiment is that they wanted the event to be grander in scale.

Happy Anniversary Genshin Impact!I'm so overwhelmed.☺️#Mihoyo #genshinanniversary

Not all fans just complained on Twitter, however. Some Genshin Impact players took it to the next level, and review bombed both Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact. The tweet above showcases how many of these reviews are 1-stars.

Genshin Impact has over 2,000,000 reviews. A substantial number of those reviews are 1-star, and the review bombings continue as the day progresses. Honkai Impact has been less affected by this thus far, but they have dropped a quarter of a star.

It's already Genshin Impact's first anniversary, yet miHoYo hasn't addressed fans' disappointment. Many enjoy how Genshin Impact is being panned in the reviews, especially since there is no way that miHoYo wouldn't notice such a drastic drop in the average rating.

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