Some Genshin Impact fans are still hopeful about 1st-anniversary rewards as event draws near

Chinese artwork celebrating Genshin Impact's 1st anniversary (Image via Genshin Impact)
Chinese artwork celebrating Genshin Impact's 1st anniversary (Image via Genshin Impact)
Alan Sahbegovic

Genshin Impact fans have reacted very strongly to the lack of any details about the 1st-anniversary event.

There is an overwhelming number of tweets criticizing miHoYo and the 1st-anniversary event. However, this article will only cover some of the less-talked-about tweets. They include players hoping for something better, often correlating with their disappointment in miHoYo.

Genshin Impact fans are free to make their own decisions on if miHoYo is exciting the 1st Anniversary event appropriately or not. Whether or not they get their wish remains unknown.

Genshin Impact fans still holding out for 1st-anniversary rewards as event nears

Keep in mind this is "community rewards" so it does involves social media than the game itself.There is still 1 whole week to reveal more info for the 1st anniversary from Mihoyo. Yes that's my copium speaking.

Most Genshin Impact fans are disappointed or are outright angry with the rumored 1st-anniversary rewards. While there are some defenders, it's worth noting that the overwhelming majority of tweets condemn miHoYo in some capacity. The remainder of this article will focus on some players hoping for better rewards.

These tweets do not contain leaks; hence some players using terms like "copium speaking." They merely hope that miHoYo will release more information about the upcoming 1st-anniversary event.

last theory of hope:mihoyo released leakers hunt decree before the anniversary in hopes to protect the anniversary rewards surprise

The above tweet is the most popular one related to "hope". The user hopes that miHoYo is aggressively attacking leakers to make the anniversary rewards a surprise. There is no guarantee that this scenario is true, but there is a possibility nonetheless.

The "leaker hunt decree" is a nickname given to miHoYo's recent stance on leakers. They've sued Bilibili to learn more about some leakers, inspiring several leakers to deactivate their Twitter accounts.

miHoYo also went after Honey Impact, although it's worth stating that the account is still up and active. Genshin Impact leaks are still ongoing, although they're prevalent through different means now.

Tbh this is kinda the first time I’m disappointed at mihoyo but I’m still holding that light of hope that maybe MAYBE there’s more…
@GenshinImpact This is just sad man....Mihoyo just listen to the player base and give us a free 5 this is just depressing...did the dude who gave alot of rewards when the game first release got fired? I really hope theres more, i still have a little hope, dont dissapoint us mihoyo..

These tweets showcase more fans eagerly hoping for miHoYo to introduce more rewards for the 1st-anniversary event. The common theme of disappointment and anger are still present.

Genshin Impact fans do not want cheap rewards. Anniversary events tend to be some of the most generous events in gacha games, hence why some of these players are disappointed with miHoYo seemingly announcing nothing special.

Still, these fans hope for the developer to do more to make the event more noteworthy. They don't specify what type of rewards miHoYo should offer, so it's an open-ended question.

Some comments on these tweets do bring up how past events were generous with their rewards.

Hope tomorrow i will wake up and mihoyo will announce the REAL anniversary rewards
honestly i hope mihoyo proves everyone wrong and shows actual anniversary rewards soonbut STILL that's very bad marketing strategy…
i hope mihoyo lets us pick a free 4star for anniversary D: i want chongyun so bad

There are even more tweets discussing how some people hope for better rewards in the 1st-anniversary event. The last tweet is one of the few that brings up a possible solution, whereas the others talk about how the user hopes for something better.

Many gamers have hoped for a free five-star unit in the past, so hoping for a 4-star character is safer, albeit not as exciting for most players. Still, the common sentiment of hoping to see an announcement for the 1st-anniversary event is commonplace.

Only time will tell if miHoYo's current marketing strategy will pay off. It has angered both the Chinese and American fanbases thus far, so it will be interesting to see how the organization progresses with the 1st-anniversary event.

On the subject of miHoYo I don’t have an issue with their community event but I do hope for the anniversary they support the player base in a way that’s rewarding.
Being real here, i hope Mihoyo get they shit together with Genshin, because having they reputation destroyed can be bad for they other IPs, still i'm fucking afraid of this Honkai leaks, really fucking afraid even tho i like the genre they are going for
I hope mihoyo will reconsider anniversary stuff or announce a properly anniversary, I remember all primos and stuff they give us on 1.3 and this celebration seems too poor compared to, will be nice to know what you guys think about

Here are some final tweets to showcase more players' hope for the 1st-anniversary event. Most tweets that support miHoYo or hope for a better event tend to get substantially fewer likes and interactions than those that bash it.

These tweets continue the same general idea of how past events had some excellent rewards and how miHoYo should reward their loyal player base. It will be intriguing to see how the company reacts to this online "backlash".

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