Unhappy with Anniversary rewards, Genshin Impact fans demand more Primogems from miHoYo

Some fans aren't happy with the rewards miHoYo are offering (Image via Genshin Impact)
Some fans aren't happy with the rewards miHoYo are offering (Image via Genshin Impact)
Alan Sahbegovic

Many Genshin Impact fans are unhappy with miHoYo's proposed rewards for the game's first anniversary event.

Typically, anniversary events are seen as massive events in gacha games. Genshin Impact is a gacha game at its core, as players can collect several units while having some P2W elements. It's also worth noting that Genshin Impact has exploded in popularity compared to many other gacha games.

Hence, the event rewards just being ten free wishes and 2,270 Primogems seems lackluster to some fans. It's worth noting that these are general event rewards and not specifically just "anniversary rewards," as some Genshin Impact fans may believe.

Genshin Impact fans are unhappy with Anniversary rewards and want more Primogems from miHoYo

One of the most common complaints about Genshin Impact's first anniversary event surfaces when players compare it to other popular games. It puts into perspective how barren Genshin Impact's first anniversary event seems by comparison.

It should be noted that this is about the Twitter community's recent outrage toward the first anniversary event. It can always be a vocal minority, but it's still interesting to see how some Genshin Impact fans are reacting to it.

Genshin Impact fans wanted more

One of the most common topics for discussion regarding the recent reveal of the first anniversary event in Genshin Impact is how little players are getting out of it. The rewards aren't terrible per se, but as the Twitter user above states, it could be better for such a monumental event.

This has inevitably led some Genshin Impact players, big and small, to leave their opinion on the matter (and on miHoYo).

As seen above, different people have different interpretations on the matter. Some fans are disappointed, some are annoyed, and others are going against the motion and talking about how toxic the fanbase can be at times.

One of the most common assumptions for the anniversary event was that Genshin Impact players could pick their own five-star unit for free. Other users also reminded players that they might not have seen everything from miHoYo just yet.

Patient players can wait, but it's easy to see why so many users are riled up with what ultimately seems like a minor event for supposedly the biggest occasion in a gacha game.

Some Genshin Impact players want more than just free wishes whereas for some, the number of wishes is irrelevant. The latter just want miHoYo to make the event grander than the average one, regardless of whether it's generous or not.

Some fans are memeing on the situation

Of course, not every Twitter reaction is serious in its nature. Some Genshin Impact fans decided to poke fun at miHoYo's first anniversary events. The example above is the perfect representation of what some of these memes represent.

miHoYo hasn't responded with anything new regarding the recent outcries from the Genshin Impact community. As it stands now, Genshin Impact fans can either cope with what they got, or they could continue to mock miHoYo for their latest practices.

Most Genshin Impact Twitter users seem to be disliking the proposed events. There aren't that many Twitter likes on most of them, which would suggest that most people are just ranting and not caring so much about what other players have put on the platform.

Whether or not it's justified depends on how the player perceives the whole ordeal.

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