Genshin Impact fans harass Dori's voice actor on Twitter, VA responds

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact's voice actor opens up about harassment from fans (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact fans berating voice actors is an issue that has existed in the community for quite a while now. Previously, voice actors for Kokomi and a few other characters have been victims of severe harassment from fans, including insults and death threats.

As it happens, the issue is far from being rectified, as Dori's voice actor Anjali Kunapaneni is the latest victim of online harassment from fans. Apparently, the whole fiasco started as a few Genshin Impact players did not enjoy one of the leaked voice lines of the upcoming 4-star Electro character from Sumeru.

This led Kunapaneni to tweet:

"We started off okay since I announced Dori but unfortunately that didn’t last long. DMs are closed, you guys. For folks who’ve been kind throughout, I appreciate you. Actors are not their characters, at the end of the day."

Harassing VAs is a problem that has always gone beyond control. Almost every time, one voice actor or the other gets bullied by fans simply because the personal preferences of certain players do not coincide with a new character.

Dori's voice actor closes Twitter DM after excessive harassment from Genshin Impact players

Dori's voice actor, Anjali Kunapaneni, announced quite a while back that they will be the character's vocals in Genshin Impact. As such, they initially received a lot of support from the entire community as everyone welcomed them.

However, the problem started when a certain voice line of Dori got leaked on Twitter, where the character is heard singing. Now, signing characters such as Yun Jin, for instance, are not at all liked by the community, as many of them find it annoying.

As such, most players simply ignore the character or just mute their voice. However, a certain section of players take it to the next level as they start harassing the voice actors on social media for providing such vocals.

Unfortunately, these vocals or whatever the voice actor says are not their choice. They act or say whatever HoYoverse asks them to, which is something that the toxic section of the fanbase does not understand.

As a result, the voice actor for Dori was forced to close their DMs on Twitter after the harassment crossed all limits. They did not reveal the messages, but their tweet confirmed that those DMs were not very welcoming.

Usually, in most scenarios, voice actors end up ignoring toxicity. However, in rare and very extreme cases, they are forced to close down DMs. In any case, Anjali Kunapaneni received support from colleagues, including the voice actor for Raiden Shogun.

They stood by the voice actor and gave them encouragement alongside other Genshin Impact players.

Apart from Genshin Impact's Dori, Anjali Kunapaneni has voiced a multitude of characters in anime and video games, including Fuku in Demon Slayer and Mimi Imimi in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, as well as Courtney in Pokémon Masters.