Genshin Impact fans threaten to unsubscribe if Twitch streamer remains associated with KFC wind glider

Genshin Impact creator Tehna threatened over the KFC wind glider controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Genshin Impact creator Tehna threatened over the KFC wind glider controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Genshin Impact community severely criticized miHoYo for the newly announced Adventurers' Guild on Twitch event. Players seem to be infuriated enough that they are now targeting creators for participating.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Tehna is arguably one of the biggest Genshin Impact creators in the world. However, fans recently threatened the streamer with mass-unsubscription for aligning with the Adventurers' Guild Twitch event.

I received many DMs on Discord and Twitter threatening that they'll unfollow or unsub if I have signed the contract for the new KFC wing event. I hope you all don't do this to other content creators regardless of their channel size.

Genshin Impact KFC wind glider controversy explained

The drama started when Genshin Impact announced the Adventurers' Guild on Twitch event. This web event requires participants to subscribe to certain Twitch streamers to get KFC-themed wind glider skin and other rewards.

Ta-da! The Gadget Windsong Lyre Is Back~ | Developers Discussion – 10/06A new Developers Discussion is here~ Let's see what they have in store for us!>>>…#GenshinImpact

It is worth noting that the glider skin was previously released in China, where players had to buy meals from restaurants to get the redeem codes.

@GenshinImpact Ok hear me out, cause at first I was like "why pay"But technically it was a collab reward for like a 20$ spent at KFC essentially Whereas here it's just like 10$ to a qualifying twitch creator that is Genshin related. So we support a streamer, spend less, and get wings. W?

In contrast, players from other regions have complained about miHoYo forcing them to subscribe to Genshin Impact creators. From the looks of it, the majority of the game's player base doesn't watch streamers regularly and isn't interested in buying the subscription to their channels.

@Unreal_Dreamer @GenshinImpact Food > random idk and i dont watchSorry but for non twitch streamers it's really useless and badPlus its like making us pay for their content creators that they don't wanna reward properly?
@Unreal_Dreamer @GenshinImpact I'm torn. I could have asked my parents to get kfc for dinner one night and they would have gladly done so just so I could get the glider. we need to eat anywaysbut since it's twitch, now that expense is going to come from my own wallet. I don't have any source of income ):
@Unreal_Dreamer @GenshinImpact it's great to support creators!! but it's also hand-picked by mihoyo, so it's probably only the most popular ones. ones that already make a good amount of money and can afford to whale.I'm so conflicted asjfhdksjghdskgjh. I hope I can support the little creators if I buy this,,
@TenhaTV I rather buy a KFC bucket meal than sub to random streamer that you'll never watch 🙄

Why Tenha is getting threats from Genshin Impact players?

In retaliation, many prominent Genshin Impact creators such as Tuonto, Tectone, and Mtashed rejected the contract from miHoYo. As a result, they won't be eligible creators for the upcoming event and subscribing to them won't help players get the skin.

Instead, the big names in the Genshin Impact community have used this opportunity to promote smaller Twitch channels that genuinely require subscribers.

fucking furious about new event. talking about it right now on stream cuz i cant sleep.
I am not on the list.Support some other community members with subs if you want to earn these wings though…

Fans threatened to unsubscribe and unfollow Tehna on Twitch if he has signed the contract.

When Tehna shared the incident on Twitter, fans supported the streamer with heartwarming replies and consolations.

@TenhaTV the fact that some people feel so indignant over a superficial skin in a gacha game is very telling about their priorities in life. it's very sad.
@TenhaTV If u have signed the contract, I will gladly give 2 subs to u. You the goat tenha, don't let others negativity bring you down❤️
@TenhaTV Dont even give them time bro, you are free to do whatever you want for your own benefit and income. We back you even if you take the contract man!

KFC wind glider skin in Genshin Impact has become one of the most controversial topics in recent memory. While some players were expecting the item for free, others wanted miHoYo to release it the same way as China.


As of now, miHoYo has maintained silence on the controversy. The list of eligible creators for the event will be released on November 24. Players can choose how to spend their money accordingly.

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