Genshin Impact wins the Best Mobile Game award at TGA 2021

Genshin Impact wins the Mobile Game of the Year Award at the TGA (Image via The Game Awards)
Genshin Impact wins the Mobile Game of the Year Award at the TGA (Image via The Game Awards)

The Game Awards 2021 has revealed the winners of all 30 categories, with Genshin Impact winning the Best Mobile Game award.

The Game Awards is a prestigious ceremony, celebrating video games of the year. Several impressive games had a world premiere tonight, but some gamers might be curious as to who won the actual awards.

There were 30 categories in total, with many well-respected games making the cut this year for nominations. Unsurprisingly, Genshin Impact was one of them.

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Genshin Impact was nominated for two categories this year:

  1. Best Mobile Game
  2. Best Ongoing

The Best Mobile Game Award was the first out of these two categories to be announced, and it came after half of the other awards were given.


Genshin Impact is the Best Mobile Game of the Year

Genshin Impact went against some tough competition this year. Still, its fans had a say thanks to the voting process, and it came out on top. More fans voted for it than games like League of Legends: Wild Rift and Pokemon Unite, which is another notch toward Genshin Impact's impressive awards.

It's worth noting that Genshin Impact is available on several platforms, and it's not limited to just Android or iOS devices. Still, its performance and reputation on mobile systems have impressed fans for over a year now.

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Winning one out of two nominations is an impressive feat. Genshin Impact first came out on September 28, 2020, and is available on:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PS4
  • Windows

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games of all time. It even emerged as the number one most Tweeted game on Twitter in the first half of 2021. Its sales have also been incredibly impressive, as the game has made over $2 billion within the first year.

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Hence, it shouldn't surprise some gamers that Genshin Impact would end up dominating The Game Awards 2021 when it comes to general popularity. It's also won past awards, such as:

  • 2020 TapTap Game of the Year
  • Apple Design Awards for Visuals and Graphics
  • PlayStation Partner Awards 2021

Now it can add the TGA's Best Mobile Game 2021 to that list of accolades. The future is bright for this popular game, with many fans eagerly awaiting Genshin Impact 2.4 to come out next year.

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