"Please do not tell me you're a globetard": Greekgodx says the Earth is flat on Asmongold's stream

Greekgodx's flat-Earth comment shocks Asmongold (Image via Sportskeeda)
Greekgodx's flat-Earth comment shocks Asmongold (Image via Sportskeeda)

Greekgodx has been riding the controversy wave for quite some time now. After getting banned from Twitch over a week ago, he seems to be hell-bent on causing a scandal wherever he goes. He has also been spreading conspiracy theories on other streamers' chats.

The British streamer drew a lot of ire last week for his sexist and misogynist rant about women. Today, he lived up to his reputation by calling Asmongold dumb for believing that the Earth was round.


Greekgodx shocks Asmongold and McconnellRet with his flat-earther stance

On his most recent stream, Asmongold was reacting to a YouTube video (titled The Most Pathetic Alpha Male on YouTube) with fellow streamer McconnellRet when Greek joined their discord call. Dimitri "Greekgodx" has earned a reputation recently for attracting controversy.


The stream was already tense as the video they were reacting to was addressing misogyny. Greekgodx's appearance made it interesting, and after a brief debate about the professional kickboxer Andrew Tate, he slid into conspiracy theories about certain billionaires. Asmongold then sprung the question:

"Greek, is the Earth flat?"

He covered his face and waited for an answer, and Dimitri did not disappoint. As Asmongold facepalmed, Greekgodx called him an idiot:

"Yes, a hundred percent. You're not a globetard. Please do not tell me you're a f***ing globetard. Holy s**t, dude. I used to like you, Asmon. But more and more..."

Asmongold was too stunned to speak, so McconnellRet decided to take over. He warned him about the dangers of spreading misinformation on Twitch:

"Listen. I don't know if you can joke about that because of the misinformation f***ing bull**** on Twitch."

(Timestamp 4:27:44)

Greekgodx held his ground, asking Asmongold why he thought the Earth was round if he hadn't gone to space:

"Have you been into space? Have you seen it yourself?"

Asmongold countered, asking him if he had gone into space. When that logic didn't hold up, Greekgodx went even further, claiming that Apollo 11's 1969 moon landing was a hoax:

"So you're gonna trust some f***ing random guy? Like, you're gonna trust... America faked the moon landing, by the way. It's been proven."

When he was asked to clarify, the streamer was unable to back up his claims. McconnellRet told him to go spew conspiracy theories on his channel:

"Greek, go say this dumb*** on your channel."

The argument then dissolved into fat-shaming and banter. They even joked about paying Greekgodx to provide content at an hourly rate of just $5k.

Social media reacts to Greekgodx

Fans were, of course, stoked at getting to hear the controversial streamer's opinions, and many in the chat laughed at the debate:

Chat reacting to the globetard comment (Image via Asmongold/Twitch)
Chat reacting to the globetard comment (Image via Asmongold/Twitch)

Redditors had varied reactions, with many asking whether the streamer was trolling for content or whether he really believed the Earth was flat:

Joking about scientific evidence and conspiracy theories is a fun pastime for many as long as it does not hurt people, but with Greekgodx's personal anti-vaxer reputation, it is difficult to defend him.

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