"Bait drama for attention, because that's what Mizkif does" - Greekgodx labels Mizkif a baiter who creates drama for content

GreekGodx calls Mizkif a baiter who creates drama for content  (Image via- Greekgodx,Mizkif/Instagram)
GreekGodx calls Mizkif a baiter who creates drama for content (Image via- Greekgodx,Mizkif/Instagram)

During the June 28, 2022 broadcast, popular Twitch streamer Dimitri "Greekgodx" accused OTK co-founder Mizkif of being a baiter who creates drama for content. Following the latter's fake pregnancy gag with Alinity, Dimitri took a dig at him during a rant on his Twitch channel.

He talked about his livestream views and how OTK streamers can do anything for views and sponsorship. One thing led to another and the Twitch streamer blasted Mizkif for being a baiter. Furthermore, he told chat that the latter "baits drama for attention."

"He baits negative attention" - Greekgodx blasts Mizkif for seeking negativity to gain viewership and money

During his most recent livestream, Greekgodx steered the conversation away from his viewership, claiming that he doesn't care about it and that he deserves an 'effortless' 1000-2000 views.

Instead, he decided to share his take on Mizkif and OTK members for their choice of content, which has gained immense popularity on Twitch over the past couple of years.

Greekgodx spoke about how OTK streamers like Mizkif 'bait' negative attention for viewership and money. He started off stating:

"Because when I don't put effort on my stream I get like 1000-2000 viewers and do you think I give a f*ck? No, because I am effortless and I deserve it, simple."

Following this, a Twitch viewer hilariously mocked him for his reaction and gambling videos. They even went on to sarcastically label him a 'Gigachad.' The term refers to an exceptionally attractive man.

This is when the real rant session began. Directly lambasting Mizkif and OTK for their attention-seeking behaviour on streams, Dimitri claimed:

"Ladies and gentlemen these are OTK enjoyers. Guys these are OTK enjoyers. That's all I can say, these are enjoyers, coz like all you know one tap is to bait drama for attention, because that's what Mizkif's does. He baits negative attention and turns in into viewership and money. "

Continuing his trail of thoughts, he even went on to compare OTK with a 'circus', adding:

"Okay, so I get it, you're going after your master and you are going after your ideals. Okay, I get it dude, I get it dude. Maybe one day, you'll be a part of OTK and you can join the circus. Maybe you can get a little Game Fuel sponsor and you can make a couple thousand dollars a month. Wouldn't that be great?"

Fans react to Greekgodx and his controversial take on Mizkif

As expected, the controversial rant evoked a wide array of reactions from fans on Reddit. While some simply laughed at the entire ordeal, others took a dig at the Twitch streamer for being jealous of Mizkif and the entire OTK organization due to their popularity.

Given the data from 'Twitch Metrics', Greekgodx's viewership as well as follower count have been declining for the past couple of months. Furthermore, the streamer has lost almost a thousand viewers on his Twitch channel this month alone.

Here's what the fans had to say.

One True King, better known as OTK, is a production organization founded by some of the most high-profile names in the streaming space, including Mizkif, Asmongold and Esfand, in 2020. The organization soon managed to gain immense popularity in the gaming industry.

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