Guy pretends to be a girl in an all-female professional CSGO Tournament

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Rahul Bhushan

Guy Disguises Himself as a Girl to Play an All-Female CSGO Tournament

We've all heard of people all around the globe making the best out of the current lockdown imposed due to the pandemic. But none have gone so far as to use the mask used for protection to disguise himself as a female and play an all-female CSGO Tournament.

The Lenovo League of Valkyries is a highly competitive CSGO Tournament for females only and requires players to play with a phone/camera on while playing to ensure that the player playing is the one who registered for the tournament.

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The CSGO tournament has a whopping prize pool of $1000, making it a pretty appealing tournament to compete in. This guy's seemingly flawless plan to have a shot at the big prize pool was going well until he was caught by the moderators.

His choice of wearing a mask would've raised eyebrows if the current global situation did not exist, but it seemed pretty commonplace for people to be wearing a face-mask for protection, even indoors.

The tournament enforces the rule of keeping the camera on during play to prevent cases of identity fraud as they once ran rampant in competitive online tournaments.

No official statement has been released from Lenovo regarding the situation but the player will inevitably face a lifetime ban from all their tournaments.

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The guy playing the CSGO Tournament with the mask off
The guy playing the CSGO Tournament with the mask off

Trying to one-up opponents has been an integral part of competitive gaming but using devious methods to cheat is always looked down upon. Cheating and identity fraud have become rampant in online tournaments as these tournaments' prize pool have been steadily rising and the popularity of competitive gaming also keeps rising with each passing year.

Edited by Atharva Papnoi
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