“Have you ever regretted it?”: HAchubby confronts Emiru about her dress collection

HAchubby questions Emiru regarding her dress collection (Images via Emiru/Twitter)
HAchubby questions Emiru regarding her dress collection (Images via Emiru/Twitter)

Emily "Emiru" recently joined the famous South Korean streamer and content creator HAchubby. They were seen together in a recent short stream hosted on Emiru's channel, where they explored various cosplay dresses that the newest OTK member-owned.

After noticing a bunch of costumes, the South Korean livestreamer was puzzled to see the sheer amount of dresses that Emiru owned. Perplexed by the idea, the Korean streamer asked the following question:

“Have you ever regretted it?”

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HAchubby confronts Emiru about her vast collection of dresses

VOD for the clip starts at 01:10:49

The newest member of One True King (OTK) was joined by HAchubby where she was handling the camera for Emiru. The short stream on Emiru’s channel was dedicated to showcasing her insane collection of cosplays, dresses and plushies in her closet. Alinity, a famous Twitch streamer, was a part of her stream.

After about an hour deep into her stream, the Korean streamer decided to interrogate Emily about the contents of her closet. She stated:

“You have like, a thousand cosplay costumes?”

Emiru replied instantly by saying:

“Yeah, man!”

Knowing HAchubby’s personality, she wittily questioned Emiru's choices and asked:

“You could’ve bought a house. It's that obvious. Have you ever regretted about this?”
Emiru showcases her massive cosplay collection
Emiru showcases her massive cosplay collection

A bit saddened by the streamer's statement, Emiru nodded, implying the negative. The conversation concluded when the Korean streamer mentioned:

“No? Nice. I mean if you’re happy. Some people are happier, like, when someone has a lot of cosplay costumes.”

Soon after this interaction, the stream went offline for a while or two due to technical issues. The stream soon returned and the trio continued to livestream for another hour and a half more.

Fans react to HAchubby’s interaction with Emiru

Fans and audiences on Reddit expressed their concern towards Emiru’s vast collection. While some mentioned how the collection seemed like a sign of Emily being a hoarder, some defended her by saying it was for her cosplay collection.

Emiru is a well-known cosplayer and cosplay designer. She regularly uploads her latest cosplay projects on her social media handles. She started her Twitch streaming career back in 2016 and rose to popularity in 2022 when she joined the streamer organization OTK.

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