“Weird a*s person to f***king draw inspiration from” - HasanAbi calls out Andrew Tate for using Hitler as positive example

HasanAbi calls out Andrew Tate for using Hitler as a positive example (Image via Sportskeeda)
HasanAbi calls out Andrew Tate for using Hitler as a positive example (Image via Sportskeeda)

In recent news, Hasan "HasanAbi" reacted to leaked video footage of controversial internet personality Andrew Tate and his online course called Hustlers University. The project was started by Tate a couple of years ago, with the goal of providing quick and efficient methods of making money.

HasanAbi and Andrew Tate have been embroiled in an online feud with each other of late, with the former claiming that the British-American's project is nothing but a scam. Reacting to a snippet of the course, the latter observed that Tate had used Hitler as one of his reference points. He exclaimed:

“Weird a*s person to f***ing draw inspiration from.”

HasanAbi calls out Andrew Tate for using a dictator as an example

The 30-year-old Turkish-American streamer has gone back-and-forth with the former kickboxer, most notably in Adin Ross' stream. The two have shared their polar opposite views on various topics such as gender roles and money-making schemes.

While on one of his daily streams, HasanAbi was seen reacting to various videos exposing the 35-year-old. Upon being suggested to watch a leaked footage of Tate lecturing in his online course, the Turkish-American streamer noted how the infamous dictator, Hitler, was used as a point of reference. In the video, infamous streamer was heard saying:

"Everything must happen instantly, quickly, fast, speed attack. Hitler conquered Europe with blitzkrieg, you need to go quickly..."

Astonished by the reference, HasanAbi responded by saying:

"Absolutely under no circumstance do you have to hand it to Hitler, okay? That's a weird a*s person to to f***ing draw inspiration from, okay..."

The chat even joined in on the act:

"Paying 50 bucks to get yelled at...about how I should be more like a Hitler."

HasanAbi also added how most of Andrew Tate's choices of inspiration turn out to be failures or letdowns.

Fans react to the clip of Hustlers University

Fans have shared their views on the leaked snippet of Andrew Tate's lecture for Hustlers University. HasanAbi, along with many other streamers, have been extremely critical of the former kickboxer's antics. Here are some of the comments that were shared on the popular subreddit, r/LivestreamFail:

Some fans even sarcastically commented on Andrew's stance on non-sparkling water:

HasanAbi hasn't been the only streamer to publicly condemn Andrew Tate. Canadian streamers xQc and Pokimane have also lambasted the British-American for his controversial takes on women and misogyny.