"They just nod; I'm not going to do that" - xQc explains why he was direct to Andrew Tate on Adin Ross' stream

xQc discussed his conversation with Andrew Tate (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc discussed his conversation with Andrew Tate (Image via Sportskeeda)

Star Twitch streamer and gamer Felix "xQc" explained to his audience why he was straightforward and succinct in his approach while speaking to the controversial internet personality and athlete, Andrew Tate.

The latter has been under much criticism for his controversial takes on women, as many consider him the epitome of toxic masculinity.

In a recent podcast hosted by Adin Ross, Andrew Tate and Felix appeared to be in a verbal scuffle over each other's opinions. Speaking on his latest stream about those who usually argue with Tate, the Canadian said:

"They just nod. I'm not going to do that."

xQc recounts why he was straightforward with Andrew Tate

In a live podcast uploaded yesterday, the 26-year-old was seen in a conflict with Andrew Tate.

This was not the only podcast on which the contentious internet personality has provided his debatable views. Tate has also featured on other podcasts, such as the BFFs, which has garnered considerable heat.

Felix revealed to his stream that he decided to speak up against the dubious and boastful takes of the kick-boxer after observing that the rest of the listeners usually nod passively to his words. He exclaimed:

"It's absolute chaos, and once you understand that, right, I have to go harder, and I have to be involved in the discussion. Otherwise, we will not be able to disprove. We're not going to have any sort of second guess of his thoughts."

The Twitch star added:

"The problem with people that talk to this guy is that they don't go against his takes; they don't go against his beliefs. They just nod. I'm not gonna do that."

(Timestamp: 52:41)

xQc continued his explanation by exclaiming that his intent was not to bow down to the controversial opinions of Andrew Tate. He said:

"I'm not gonna let some guy that is literally anti-woman go on anti-woman rants on the stream."

Fans' reactions

Viewers pitched in with their thoughts on the entire fiasco between the two internet personalities. The clip was shared on the popular Reddit page, r/LivestreamFail, which received many comments.

Here is one:

Some fans, however, pointed out that despite xQc's words, Tate was more outspoken due to his confident personality:

Many viewers also backed the former Overwatch pro in the incident:

Felix is among the most followed Twitch stars on the platform, with more than 11 million followers. His streams are generally stretched to 20-22 hours at times.

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