HasanAbi gives his take on Hogwarts Legacy, says the game is "not that good"

HasanAbi shares his thoughts on Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Sportskeeda)
HasanAbi shares his thoughts on Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Sportskeeda)

On March 7, 2023, Twitch star Hasan "HasanAbi" returned from a trip to Japan and took to his channel to host a Just Chatting livestream. While reacting to trending topics on the internet, the content creator revealed that he had played Hogwarts Legacy and shared his thoughts on the RPG.

He mentioned that he'd played the Avalanche Software title on his Steam Deck while flying to Japan. The political commentator opined on it by saying:

"Oh! I forgot to mention. I played Hogwarts Legacy on the Steam Deck when I was flying to Japan. It's not that good."

HasanAbi says he fails to understand why people are calling Hogwarts Legacy the "greatest game of all time"

Last month (February 7, 2023), HasanAbi announced that he wouldn't be playing or livestreaming himself playing Hogwarts Legacy. He then provided his reasoning for it, stating that it wasn't worth getting "bullied endlessly" and being labeled "transphobic" for:

"The only reason why I'm not playing this game and I know a bunch of other people are not playing this game. It's because we know that it's not worth it to get f***king bullied endlessly and called transphobic endlessly when we have massive queer communities and audiences. That's it."

Fast forward to March 7, HasanAbi revealed that he had played the title on his Steam Deck while flying to Japan. He then commented that the game set in the Wizarding World was "not that good," and wondered why people were calling it the "greatest game of all time:"

"It literally; I played it a little bit. People are saying it's fun as f**k. 'Why would you admit that?' I'm not going to lie to you! Yeah, it's not good. I don't know why people were like, 'Oh my god! It's the f**king greatest game of all time!' That was my take."

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Hearing this, viewers speculated that the controversial subreddit r/Gamingcirclej*rk would "come after" him. HasanAbi responded by saying:

"Dude, I don't care! People yelled at me more than anyone else! Before I even played the game. Okay? Like, it literally does not matter. People yelled at me before they yelled at anyone else, and more than they yelled at us. It doesn't f**king matter! Ultimately, it's like... literally a couple of people chirping. They're still in here. Most of those people know that I'm not f**king transphobic and they still watch! Anyway, it just doesn't matter."

According to HasanAbi, people who don't have an "inherent desire" to go to Hogwarts won't really enjoy the game:

"Yeah, people literally loved it because they wanted to go to Hogwarts. So, if you don't have that, like, inherent desire, which I did. I did when I was younger. I would've loved to get that when I was younger. But, like, if you don't still have that internalized within you, you're not going to enjoy it that much."

The community reacts to HasanAbi's opinions

The Twitch streamer's opinions on Hogwarts Legacy were shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit and here's what the community had to say:

While several members of the community stated that the game was good, one Redditor claimed that Hogwarts Legacy was mediocre and compelled players to spend more time outside of the castle.

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