"He is unhinged": Ludwig calls out Kanye West's antisemitic comments in his latest Mogul Mail

Ludwig gives his two cents on Kanye West
Ludwig gives his two cents on Kanye West's Nazi comments (Image via Sportskeeda)

Kanye West, or Ye as he is now known, has been widely criticized for his recent antisemitic remarks on social media, but he chose to reiterate his controversial views on the December 1 edition of Alex Jones' podcast InfoWars. Most notably, he commented that he likes Hitler, leaving the internet stunned and outraged.

Popular YouTuber Ludwig lambasted West's Nazi comments on Jones' show in his latest video on Mogul Mail, his second channel where he talks about recent socio-political issues and internet controversies. Referring to Ye, he said:

"In the podcast, he is unhinged. This podcast was f*cking crazy. I mean, just look at this clip alone."

He proceeded to play a clip where the American singer-songwriter could be seen praising Hitler and making conspiratorial claims about the dictator "inventing" microphones and highways, among other things.

"Kanye is a provocateur": Ludwig reacts to Kanye West's remarks about the Holocaust, Hitler, and Benjamin Netanyahu

Ludwig prefaced his video saying that Ye's recent tirade against the Jewish community has been hard to reconcile with his love for West's older music.

"Like many of you I wake up every single day terrified that I'm gonna open my phone and find that Kanye West said some more dumb sh*t. And today, oh boy today, he has said a lot of dumb sh*t...which is a hard thing to juggle along with my enjoyment of his music, like the album Graduation. It was the first album that I bought on iTunes when I was 12 years old."

The YouTuber explained that he had put off making a video about the rapper for a while despite not being an apologist, but he could no longer let it slide.

"But it is getting harder and harder to ignore the things that Kanye says. And I've avoided making a video about Kanye for months now. He's been in the news, I feel like, every other week since October. Why? Not because I'm trying to defend his actions or be an apologist for him."

According to Ludwig, Kanye West is a "provocateur," someone who repeatedly seeks to provoke people with shocking statements to gain attention.

"But because I feel like Kanye is a provocateur. He's gonna say the most dumb and insane sh*t possible to get the most media attention. So that he can say more insane dumbsh*t and it becomes an ouroboros of stupidity."

After watching an InfoWars clip of Ye finding the "good" in Hitler in response to Jones complimenting him about not being a hateful dictator, Ludwig said about his childhood idol:

"That was Alex Jones trying to be charitable towards Kanye saying, 'Hey, you're not Hitler man.' And then Kanye somehow taking that which was meant to be a compliment...a giving of good grace...and turned around and said, 'Hitler's not that bad.'"

Ludwig offered his take on Kanye West's remarks

The YouTube streamer found Kanye's statement about opting out of classifications ironic because deciding that Nazis were bad and fighting against the regime during WWII was probably the most united America has ever been.

Ludwig also established why Ye's supporters have no excuse to keep defending his comments anymore by sharing multiple clips of the rapper doubling down on his Hitler comments.

"If you maybe are still being charitable towards Kanye, you might say, 'You know, he's trying to find the good in anything like a devout Christian would.' But it doesn't end."

He especially noted what was arguably Kanye West's most contentious comment on the show.

"That was him saying 'I like Hitler' in closing, which, okay, that's a little bit different than trying to find the good in people."

Ludwig then played a clip of Ye saying that he loves Nazis and commented:

"You know you're in trouble when the most sane person in the room seems to be Alex Jones, who has to pay almost a billion dollars for all the insane sh*t he has said over the past decade..that's crazy."

After watching Kanye West mock the leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahoo, Ludwig said:

"There are a lot of ways to criticize the leaders of countries, especially Benjamin Netanyahoo. I mean you can easily criticize that guy, but you're gonna roast him for his voice that you put on for him? But then when Hitler comes, you know what, that guy..."

Ludwig presented many other clips of Kanye West denying the Holocaust and supporting Russian leader Putin in his video. In closing, he said that he hoped this would be the last time he hears someone with such a big platform spewing blatant conspiracy theories and antisemitism.

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