What did Kanye say about Jews? Anti-Semitism controversy explained as rapper comes under fire online 

Kanye West landed in hot waters for controversial remarks on Jews (Image via Getty Images)
Kanye West landed in hot waters for controversial remarks on Jews (Image via Getty Images)

Kanye West recently landed in hot waters after sharing some controversial remarks about Jews. On Friday, the rapper posted screenshots of his conversation with Diddy surrounding the "White Lives Matter" T-shirt controversy.

In one of the messages, the Donda creator was seen saying:

“I didn’t like our convo. I’m selling these tees. Nobody gets in between me and my money. This is my grandfather texting you now.”

In response, Diddy proposed to meet the rapper in person:

“As soon as I land we’ll meet face to face!!! Send me a address.”

He further added:

“N**** send me a address. Let’s stop playing these internet games. And don’t feel threatened. You’ll be fine. Just love.”
Kanye West's conversation with Diddy (Image via Kanye West/Instagram)
Kanye West's conversation with Diddy (Image via Kanye West/Instagram)

However, Ye replied to Diddy, hinting towards a conspiracy theory, claiming that Jews manipulated the latter against the rapper:

“This ain’t a game. Ima use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me. I told you this was war. Now gone get you some business. [sic]”

Diddy attempted to explain to Ye that his actions are hurting people, especially the African-American community, but the latter maintained his stance and said he would publicly share all text messages coming from the I’ll Be Missing You hitmaker.

Prior to his conversation with Diddy, Kanye West was already accused of anti-Semitism for his comments on Jared Kushner in a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson.

Speaking to Carlson, Ye accused Kushner of making money through his efforts in the Middle East and the facilitation of the Abraham Accords when he served as a White House advisor during the Trump administration:

“I just think that's what they're about, is making money. I don't think that they have the ability to make anything on their own. I think they were born into money.”

Kanye West’s latest comments sparked major outrage online and received criticism from the likes of the Anti-Defamation League and the StopAntisemitism group.

Twitter reacts to Kanye West’s comments about Jews

Netizens calls out Kanye West for his remarks on Jews (Image via Getty Images)
Netizens calls out Kanye West for his remarks on Jews (Image via Getty Images)

Kanye West has continued to make news ever since he launched the controversial “White Lives Matter” T-shirt that earned him a lot of criticism from the entertainment industry and the general public alike.

More recently, he came under fire for his controversial remarks on the Jews during a conversation with Diddy. The rapper’s comments earned him backlash, and several social media users took to Twitter to call out Ye for his actions:

Liora Rez, Executive Director of the StopAntisemitism group, told Newsweek that Ye’s comments about the Jewish community were “horrifying”:

“This is horrifying, just to tap into these century-old antisemitic myths of Jewish money.”

Speaking about the Grammy Award winner’s Instagram post she said that the group immediately asked Ye to delete the screenshots:

“I think we can all agree he [Ye] has always been a provocateur, and he is struggling with mental health issues [and] family issues, but once we saw his post we actually commented right away, ‘We strongly urge you to delete this.’”

Rez also said that despite Ye being open about his mental health struggles, it “gives him zero excuses” to share “baseless and confusing messages about Jews,” in a time when “anti-Semitism has been set ablaze across America.” She also added:

“Furthermore, his language about influence taps into an age-old antisemitic myth and stereotype about Jewish control. I don't think he understands when his wording is problematic, but we hope he deletes the Instagram posts.”

The director also mentioned that Jews already have “enough issues” and Kanye West should refrain from “furthering any type of negativity and hatred.”

Although Ye deleted his Instagram posts, it remains to be seen if he will address and respond to the anti-Semitism controversy in the days to come.

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