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How to get Black Metal Scrap in Valheim

Image Via Valheim Game
Image Via Valheim Game
Modified 17 Feb 2021

Black Metal is an excellent resource in Valheim. However, the process isn't simple and is even a bit more convoluted than getting iron.

The first part of getting Black Metal is sourcing Black Metal Scrap to craft it, and you'll need to fight for that. Only one set of enemies contain any Black Metal Scrap, and those are the Fuling.

They are relatively strong enemies that resemble your typical small green goblin stereotype. If you're not careful, they'll kill you quickly, and that Black Metal Scrap will be out of reach.

Fuling, Fuling Shamans, and Fuling Berserkers all have the chance to drop Black Metal Scrap. They can travel in smaller packs, or they will have an entire camp.

Regardless of the size of their party, they are found in the plains biome. There is no other way to obtain Black Metal Scrap. Therefore, be sure to bring at least Iron Armor if you don't want to be easily killed, especially in a camp.

Players can use stealth if the camp is larger, which will help those who don't have strong armor. Black Metal Scrap is above other materials like iron in Valheim, so it's certainly worth pursuing.

Smelting Black Metal Scrap in Valheim


Once you've collected enough Black Metal Scrap, it's time to bring it back to your own camp. The main tool players are going to need is a Blast Furnace, not a regular furnace for other materials.

Materials needed for the Blast Furnace:

  • 20x Stone
  • 5x Surtling Core
  • 10x Iron
  • 20x Fine Wood
  • 1x Artisan Table

The hardest part of making the Blast Furnace is getting a hold of an Artisan Table and the five Surtling Cores. To get the Surtling Cores, players will need to head to the swamps and look for lava-like enemies. They aren't too hard to find and aren't as tricky as the Fulings.

To get the Artisan Table in Valheim, the most challenging component to acquire is the Dragon Tear. The Dragon in Valheim is summoned in the Mountain Biome and is the fourth boss.

With the other materials in hand, players can craft the Blast Furnace. Then it's time to make Black Metal Bars out of the scrap in Valheim. Those Black Metal Weapons are right around the corner.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 06:20 IST
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