How to get the Specialist Bonus in Call of Duty: Warzone

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

The Specialist Bonus in Warzone is definitely something players are going to want to hunt for, as it will give them a significant buff.

This bonus offers a solid bunch of perks to the players that find it. To get to it though, they will have to do some digging at the Nakatomi Plaza building. This skyscraper is almost identical to the one seen in the holiday movie Die Hard with Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman. Following these steps will earn any player this Specialist Bonus.

How can Warzone players get access to some pretty nice perks?

As part of the 80’s Action Heroes event that has taken over Warzone recently, there are several missions associated with the Nakatomi Plaza that can lead to some serious loot. Completing all three of these missions will get the player the maximum reward, but for the Specialist Bonus, only one of them needs to be done.

The specific mission to initiate would be Unfinished Business. This gets activated when the player finds a contract around the parking lot of the Nakatomi. Once the contract is found, players have three crates to look for inside the building. The final crate will grant the Vault Keycard number 1, which gives access to the Specialist Bonus.

To access the Specialist Bonus (or any of the loot from the other missions), players will need to head up to the 31st floor of Nakatomi Plaza. In a very well decorated gold room, there should be a console with 4 TV screens on it. That’s what players will want to interact with to get the bonus. Using the keycard on this console will open the door vault.

It is recommended that, while looking for the crates, move slowly around the building and keep an eye out for other players. The Nakatomi is guaranteed to have high traffic, since many other players are going to want to break into the vault too (or just marvel at how accurate the Warzone building is to the movie version).

This mission can be a good way to pick up some kills and clear the field in Warzone as well as earn some rewards. The Specialist Bonus promises to give the player some helpful perks that should give them and edge in Warzone. Specifically, it grants:

  • FMJ
  • Mo Money
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Presence of Mind
  • Heavy Hitter
  • Frangible: Wounding