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How to Win a Box Fight Like Clix in Fortnite

(Image via YouTube)
(Image via YouTube)
Modified 04 Apr 2021

Fortnite Box Fighting continues to grow more popular each and every day.

Pro players such as Clix, stream themselves competing with several other places in this strategic combat mode. However, not everyone is suitable to go into a Box Fight and win. It takes a lot of practice, patience, and again, practice, to be good at Box fighting like Clix.

Box fighting is all about a player's strategy and how they go about getting the right plays on their opponents. Below is a quick rundown of how pro players like Clix come out with a win at Box Fighting.

Win Fortnite Box Fights like Clix

For those who don’t know, Box Fighting is like a normal Fortnite match but focuses heavily on being able to build 1x1 builds. This helps coin the word, Box Fighting, as players are essentially locking other players in the box for defensive or offensive plays. Players need to be quick in their edits and resets and be able to just defend or take opponents' structures. Just like in any other Fortnite game mode.

Aside from intimidating his opponents with vulgar smack-talking, Clix tends to outplay everyone. Of course, he does get eliminated here and there, everyone does. But one of the most important and key components of Box Fighting for Clix is his ability to Piece Control. Piece Control is so much more important here than any other mode in Fortnite. Players must have a grasp on being able to quickly place structures down so they can control the entire fight.


Clix does an amazing job, not only having great Piece Control but always has his Crosshair Placement in the right spot. When building, it’s crucial for survival to have that placement at an even head level at all times. This means not building downwards or at any other odd angles. Having an obscure angle would result in a one or two-second delay, making the player the loser. This is true for every mode in Fortnite.

Following these simple steps will help anyone be just as good as Clix, with time.

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Published 04 Apr 2021, 01:02 IST
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