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"You get bullied at school if you play this sh*t": Fortnite pro explains how developers 'ruined' the game

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite
Modified 31 Mar 2021

Fortnite Pro BBG Bucke believes Epic Games is responsible for the downfall of Fortnite, and he’s not totally wrong.

In BBG Bucke's opinion, Fortnite was an excellent video game, but the developers messed it up. What he said specifically was:

“. @EpicGames greatest game ever made now you get fucking bullied at school if you play this shit because the developers ran it into the ground :)”

The "Greatest game ever made" is a leap, but Fortnite is one of the most well-known games ever made. Although it seems unfair to blame Epic Games for Fortnite's faults, the dissatisfaction brought on by Season 6 is no accident. Epic Games has been a big part of the downfall of Fortnite with their questionable updates.

The loot pool received immediate criticism when the new season came due to the removal of pistols, snipers, and regular AR, which were staples of the game. Several players, including pros themselves, have also criticized the theme, and the unbalanced Mythic Primal Shotgun seemed to be the nail in the coffin for many players.


Fortnite continues to be plagued by criticism with every new season. Some of the people who were once very loyal to Fortnite, including Tfue, Ninja, and NickMercs, are now critical. Despite being once beautiful and theorized, the story is so convoluted now that it’s hard to grasp.

BBG Bucke seems to have a point: Fortnite is no longer what it used to be because of Epic Games' updates.

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Fortnite Season 6 is just an extension of Season 5

Although things did change with the new season, they weren’t as drastic as in other seasons. The fifth season focused on the Hunters, while the sixth focuses on things that are hunted. Keeping Season 6 similar to 5 appears to be an excuse to collaborate with similar franchises to sell more skins.

The fact that Epic Games is willing to alter the story of Fortnite to fit its collaborations is the most significant complaint. If Epic Games can make money it doesn't care if it changes big pieces of their game.

Fortnite's dedication to making money from collaborations was evident in Season 4 when Marvel took over, but it seems like it’s never going to stop. The company will kill Fortnite if they don’t stop placing easy profits first. Fortnite will become just a distant memory like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero were.

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Published 31 Mar 2021, 00:05 IST
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