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Fortnite's 'Primal Shotgun' is making pro players lose their mind

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite
Modified 30 Mar 2021

Fortnite Professional players have criticized the Primal Shotgun for its overpowered nature.

The biggest issue that pro players have with the Primal Shotgun is that it’s just not fair. There are defects and stats in weapons like the pump, sniper, and grenade launcher that make them balanced. A Mythic Primal Shotgun has a shotgun’s firepower but a pistol's capacity and fire rate.

Several pros, including Faze Sway, SypherPK, and Clix, have stated that this weapon is broken. Clix said Fortnite was dying after going up against the Mythic Primal Shotgun. The YouTube clip below shows Clix going to Modern Warfare because he is angry towards Fortnite.

Some players believe that the Mythic Primal Shotgun doesn’t need to be nerfed, judging by this Reddit thread's comments and this Reddit thread. It was argued that the Pump Shotgun was more lethal than the Mythic Primal Shotgun and that the pros were just bad at Fortnite. The Fortnite pros are obviously good at the game and they care about it.

As seen by Clix, many pros are approaching a breaking point. When a game is this unfair, ragequitting becomes just retiring.

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Rumor is that the Mythic Primal Shotgun will be nerfed, but the damage to the competitive community has been done. Epic Games needs to be more careful moving forward, or many more pros may leave.

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Fortnite’s Pump shotgun is not better than the Mythic Primal Shotgun at the moment.

Many people seem to think that because the pump does so much damage with each shot, it’s a better shotgun. Weapons in Fortnite aren’t just about damage; if that were true, everyone would just be shooting snipers at each other. What’s important is how well a weapon performs in close combat.

Pump Shotguns do far more damage than other shotguns but have the same restrictions. Pump shotguns are slow, their magazine size is small, and reloading is slow. Despite its strengths, it has shortcomings that make it less than overpowered.

There is one more shot needed to kill full-health and shield players with the Mythic Primal Shotgun. If the Mythic Primal Shotgun worked as slow as a pump, it would make a difference, but it’s a lot faster. Mythic Primal Shotgun's speed is comparable to a pistol, so getting that extra shot in isn't difficult.

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The Mythic Primal Shotgun also has the same magazine capacity as a pistol and 12 shots before reloading. There are only five shots per magazine in the pump, and it takes longer to reload. The hard truth is that the Mythic Primal Shotgun is probably one of the best weapons ever to enter Fortnite.

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Published 30 Mar 2021, 20:38 IST
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