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"Your parents definitely don't love you": Fortnite pro Clix loses it at stream-sniper, gets him banned

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 03 Apr 2021

Stream-sniping is an issue that a lot of Fortnite pros have been complaining about for a while now. In a recent stream, however, Fortnite pro Cody "Clix" Conrod was able to get a player banned from Fortnite for stream-sniping him.

Stream-sniping refers to the act of deriving information from the target's stream and using that information to gain an advantage over the target in a match. Although getting into the lobby of a streamer depends upon luck entirely, once it has been achieved, stream-sniping is a very easy act to perform.

Fortnite pro Clix gets stream sniper banned

In the clip, Fortnite pro Clix is seen getting eliminated early on in the game. He handles the situation very calmly, without saying too much. In fact, he took that time to check out if the individual who killed him was stream-sniping him.

Later on, he was heard talking to someone about getting them permanently banned on Fortnite. He revealed that he had some sort of an arrangement with Epic Games, where if he could provide proof of being stream sniped, the sniper would be banned from Fortnite.

This indicates two things. The first being that the relationship between Clix and Epic Games is improving. And secondly, now that Fortnite pros like Clix seemingly have the ability to get stream-snipers banned, there is a possibility that the number of Fortnite streamers being stream-sniped will reduce drastically.

Clix wasn't the only one to do this. Back in November last year, a similar situation happened with Fortnite pro Ali "SypherPK" Hassan. A stream-sniper bragged about sniping SypherPKs stream. The pro's report got the stream-sniper banned from Fortnite within 10 minutes of the incident occurring.


Clix chose to say a few mean things to the child despite already having reported him for stream sniping:

"Your parents definitely don't love you. Like your parents are slowly getting divorced because of you, you just don't realise it. I want to see this kid cry too and I'm also getting him perm banned on Twitch. Literally talking to them right now. I'm getting him perm banned on Twitch and Fortnite."

Getting banned from Fortnite is one thing, but a permanent ban on Twitch is something else entirely. It's practically impossible to make another streaming account on Twitch, because if they find out, then the streamer gets banned again.

Image via Twitch ( Clix )
Image via Twitch ( Clix )

Epic Games was quick to reply to Clix. Initially, however, he wasn't happy with the fact that the player was banned for only a day. He still commended Epic Games for taking quick action though.

Clix is of the opinion that a single day ban would probably be enough for the individual to learn a lesson. He also went on to ask his followers not to direct any hate towards the individual.

From this entire situation, it can be gathered that stream-snipers now have something to worry about.

Published 03 Apr 2021, 14:47 IST
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