“I believe these dms are real”: Dream accepts that some of the chat screenshots are real, slams grooming allegations

Dream responds to grooming allegations (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dream responds to grooming allegations (Image via Sportskeeda)

Minecraft YouTuber Clay "Dream" issued a public statement in his defense, stating that the accusatory claims of him being a "groomer" were false. For context, a Twitter user named Anastasia (@oxeclean) recently released a series of screenshots from 2020. In the screenshots, the popular YouTuber appears to have sent Anastasia a couple of suggestive texts. Anastasia claimed that she was 17 at the time. Following the leaked screenshots, the hashtag #Dreamisafreak began trending on Twitter.

The creator took to his alternate Twitter account to share a Twitlonger link to a statement in which he responded to the allegations. In the post, the YouTuber stated that the Twitter DMs were "real" and that there were no "inappropriate" gestures from his end:

“Yesterday, a thread was posted that had screenshots of twitter dms from me from 2020. I believe these dms are real.”

He reiterated that, to his knowledge, Anastasia was 18 at the time. Dream also made it clear that the iMessage DMs from the TikTok account could not possibly have been from him:

"Part of this thread includes cringey flirt text messages (again, when they were 18) that were supposedly from me, because it says that it is from their contacts when they go to my tiktok. this is impossible since I use a google voice number on my tiktok account which doesn’t have the ability to iMessage."

Dream defends himself, states that he is not guilty of "grooming"

As stated earlier, Dream shared an elaborate message with his fans documenting his perspective on the series of events. Although Anastasia had previously claimed that she was a minor at the time of the texts, Dream's version of the story stated that the alleged victim was of legal age.

Furthermore, Clay also commented that the messages that were exchanged should not be classified as being "inappropriate." He added that since the texts were shared at a time when both the individuals involved were rather young, they were no more than "cringy" flirtations.


Dream maintained that the woman in question was 18 (at least according to her bio) at the time of the incident. He talked about the Instagram DMs in the second thread of the post that he also confirmed were real:

"The second thread had instagram dms from me, again, having friendly normal conversation and nothing inappropriate. I believe these messages are real as well. Once again, she was 18 years old, says she was 18 years old, and even had a boyfriend while she was friendly with me."

Additionally, he announced that moving forward, he would be using a brand new Snapchat account that would only include his friends and acquaintances. He concluded his Twitlonger by providing his thoughts on the actual victims of "pedophilia" and "grooming."

Fans react to the drama

The entire drama has generated a host of polarized comments and reactions. As stated earlier, #Dreamisafreak was trending yesterday following the initial leaks.

Here are some reactions on Twitter:

From the looks of it, the comments appear to be critical of Clay's Twitlonger post. It remains to be seen if the alleged victim will come forward to make any additional comments.

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