"I'd be down" - Pokimane jokes about getting involved in "influencer boxing" after sparring Mizkif 

Pokimane says she would be willing to be involved in influncer boxing (Image via YouTube/Mizkif)
Pokimane says she would be willing to be involved in influencer boxing (Image via YouTube/Mizkif)

There is an outside chance that YouTube/influencer boxing might see a new face in Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane." The streamer is presently in Texas collaborating with Texas-based streamers such as Matthew "Mizkif," Chance "Sodapoppin" and other OTK creators. She joined Mizkif in his Iron Forge Gym yesterday (April 18) to showcase her striking skills.

Influencer boxing has quickly risen in popularity over the past decade or so. Creators like JJ "KSI" and Jake Paul have transitioned from mainstream content creation to now full-throttled boxers.

Having said that, there's still no mainstream female creator who has taken to the sport yet. While throwing jabs at Mizkif, Imane jokingly hinted that she might be "down" to be involved in this ever-growing scene.

During yesterday's stream, one of the trainers asked her this:

"Beautiful (looking at Imane's jabs). Okay, influencer boxing wins."

Imane promptly responded:

"Actually, I'd be down."

"I'd fight Pokimane" - Adin Ross responds to Twitch streamer wanting to box

Despite influencer boxing becoming a viral trend in the online community, the potential involvement of Pokimane, who is undeniably one of the biggest names in the influencer scene, could elevate it to another level.

There have been instances where female creators such as Twitch streamers Andrea Botez and Becca "JustaMinx" have entered the boxing ring. However, the possibility of having Imane is certainly exciting.

Kick streamer Adin Ross reacted to the clip of Imane boxing. The streamer himself made a joke about boxing her. He said:

"I'd fight Pokimane. Hey, let's box for money. Chat, would you guys wanna see that?"

Adin of course was simply joking, but when one of his viewers asked him about it, the streamer replied:

"I'm not trolling, why y'all laughing?"

What is the beef between Adin Ross and Pokimane?

It's widely known that Adin Ross isn't the biggest fan of Imane. The two have notably different content styles and have clashed online, particularly regarding Kick, the streaming platform in which Adin has a stake.

Recently, Adin was a guest on Sean O'Malley's YouTube podcast, where he openly voiced criticism of Imane's actions. He said:

"She's pointing fingers, trying to cancel people, and here's the thing bro, when you do that it eventually catches up to you. She tried selling cookies for like, $20 or something like that and she was basically saying, 'You guys gotta buy my cookie.' It's like $20 for a regular f**king chocolate chip cookie."

Despite the animosity between them, it's highly unlikely that they would ever step into the boxing ring against each other. Adin has previously declined to box fellow streamer Rangesh "N3on," with whom he also has beef.

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