"I got assaulted by Mizkif": Mitch Jones accuses OTK co-founder, claims he was knocked out and strangled

Mitch Jones accusations explored (Image via Mitch Jones/YouTube, Mizkif/Instagram)
Mitch Jones accusations explored (Image via Mitch Jones/YouTube, Mizkif/Instagram)

Mitch Jones has released a YouTube video where he accused Twitch streamer Matthew "Mizkif" of physically assaulting him in September 2023. Jones also shared clips of the alleged bruising around his neck and head caused by the content creator, including CCTV footage of the aftermath of their supposed altercation in the streets. For context, Mitch and Matthew had been on friendly terms in the past before having a huge fallout some years ago.

In the video, Mitch Jones accuses the Texas-based streamer of assaulting him so severely that he has lasting issues from the incident. The video on his official YouTube channel is simply titled '.' and has gone viral, garnering various reactions. It starts with Mitch alleging:

"I need to talk about something pretty serious. This situation has been f**king me for months and I still have lasting issues from the situation - physically, emotionally, mentally, whatever. Career-wise, it is affecting my entire life. Mizkif physically assaulted me to the point that I was told I might have to have surgery on one of my arteries, and I still have a concussion."

"I have the evidence right here": Mitch Jones shares camera footage of alleged assault, accuses Mizkif of knocking him out and choking him while drunk


Mitch Jones then showed some snippets of footage of the bruising from Mizkif's alleged assault.

"First I would like to start by showing the damage that was done to me. So, there's that. I guess I got socked here (showing a bruise above the eyebrow) first and I also have, like, swelling over here (cheeks). I don't know I got f**ked up. My brain hurts hella bad."

He then went on to share another video of him getting a CT scan, where the alleged injuries were still visible. This is where Mitch Jones stated that he was hit in the head first, which allegedly knocked him out, and accused Mizkif of choking him by pointing to the bruise near the neck. He noted that a tooth was also damaged:

"I've bruising from where Mizkif hit me. He definitely socked me here, here. Here's where I think I got knocked out and then (he) choked me. I've, damn, I have bruising everywhere on my face. Hopefully, I don't have a concussion. Also, my tooth got f**ked up."

Mitch Jones went on to give his version of how the alleged assault occurred. Apparently, he was at the Twitch streamer's house and they were arguing when he asked Mizkif for a lift back home. The altercation happened on the streets, and Mitch shared a section of the video from a CCTV camera as "evidence" in his YouTube video:

"I was at his house. We were arguing and then I asked him for a ride home. Uh, I get his car, we're still arguing, and that's when we drive past this part of the neighborhood where the camera caught the assault and I have the evidence right here."
Screenshot of the alleged CCTV footage (Image via YouTube)
Screenshot of the alleged CCTV footage (Image via YouTube)

In the camera footage, the two popular Twitch streamers can be seen having a heated argument, but readers should note that the video cuts off at the time of the supposed assault. Mitch Jones did showcase what allegedly went down afterward, and Mizkif can be heard shouting at the streamer sitting on the footpath:

"You're trash! You want me to do it again, huh? You said you can take me seven times. You even listen to yourself. You're drunk and on c**aine. I tried talking to you as a friend and you're treating me like s*t. You make me want to Kill myself! And all you can say is 'F**k you!'"

Mitch can be heard accusing Matthew of breaking his tooth, while the latter shouted at him, even mentioning that Jones instigated the fight by telling him to get out of the car. After showing the CCTV footage, he showed a screenshot of the alleged medical report, announcing:

"I have all the evidence right here. This happened on September 26, 2023. I have the doctor's note right here when I went to the hospital and got multiple CT scans. I have post-concussion syndrome and I've sprain to my ligaments of my cervical spine. It's all right there in the paperwork."

Before ending the five-minute video, Mitch Jones addressed why he had not gone public with the information before, noting that he respects people around Mizkif and was apparently forced to accuse him now because the Twitch streamer has been lying about it. Mitch Jones also noted that he had considered Mizkif a friend and that he did now expect the latter to beat him up while he was inebriated.

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