"I got f***ing physically angry!" - Sodapoppin calls out Lacari over the games he plays on stream

Sodapoppin provides his take on Lacari
Sodapoppin provides his take on Lacari's streaming content (Images via Sodapoppin and Lacari/Twitter)

Twitch star Chance "Sodapoppin" hosted a variety gaming broadcast on November 7. While playing Tiny Rogues, Chance noticed fellow Twitch streamer Lacari in his Twitch chat, commenting on how the former had been playing the same game for hours on stream.

Sodapoppin took the opportunity to call out Lacari for the games he broadcasts on his channel. The One True King (OTK) co-owner did not hold back:

"Like, I got f***ing angry physically angry just having to open your stream... with what you decided to play!"

Sodapoppin roasts Lacari after the latter comments on the game that the former was playing on stream

The Austin, Texas-based content creator was playing Tiny Rogues, a pixel-based fantasy rogue-lite dungeon crawler. Lacari appeared at the six-hour mark of the stream and commented:

"You're still playing this, huh? You really like this game. I mean, it's sick."

Chance read Lacari's message out loud and responded to the streamer by asking if he had similar issues with the games he played on his own Twitch channel:

"Yes, I do! Lacari, I watched your stream. You know I was in your (Twitch) chat. Bro, do you have a problem with what you f***ing play?"

(Timestamp: 06:02:47)

The Twitch sensation followed up by remarking that he got "physically angry" after opening Lacari's channel. He added:

"There's no f***ing play you play what you actually enjoy! You've had to like... There's got to be another reason as to why you play the games you play... outside of you enjoying them."

Sodapoppin continued roasting Lacari by suggesting that he had "locked" himself in the Genshin Impact category:

"It has to be you've developed this like, Genshin Impact, like r*tard fanbase that only watches anime a**! And now you have locked yourself in this f***ing section of this pure anime bulls**t!"

The 28-year-old then burst out laughing and apologized to Lacari. He said:

"It's got to be beyond you! There's no way you're doing it yourself. That's how I see it. I'm sorry."

Fans react to the streamer's sentiments

The reaction thread on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit attracted more than 23 fan replies.

One Redditor noted that Sodapoppin appeared irritated during the stream. Another user responded stating that the streamer's comments about Lacari's streaming content had an ounce of truth:

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

Sodapoppin is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. He co-owned Northern Gaming, which was later acquired by NRG Esports. He currently has 8,820,009 followers and averages more than 16k viewers per stream.