"I was incorrect" - Destiny sarcastically apologizes to Amouranth, says her content has not changed

Destiny sarcastically apologized to Amouranth, criticizing that she has not move away from hot tub streaming (Images via Twitch)
Destiny sarcastically apologized to Amouranth, criticizing that she has not move away from hot tub streaming (Images via Twitch)

YouTuber Steven "Destiny" has offered a sarcastic apology to Twitch star Kaitlyn "Amouranth" after claiming that her brand of content has not changed following her separation from her husband.

A month ago, Amouranth revealed that she was not only married but was also in an abusive relationship. After she filed for divorce and took a brief hiatus from streaming, many speculated that she would move away from hot tub content. However, this has not necessarily been the case, as she has continued to do hot tub streams.

Amouranth has revealed that she has a husband, along with revealing his abuse He has threatened to kill her dogs, take all their money, and forced her to stream. (1/4)

Destiny, who has been vocally skeptical of Amouranth's situation, appeared to offer her a sincere apology on his latest stream.

The internet personality initially apologized for claiming that Amouranth's content had not changed. However, he then pulled up a screenshot of her top clips from the past month. Nearly all of the clips were from hot tub streams, supporting his previous claims and revealing the sarcastic nature of the apology.

He said:

"I will say, I don't see as much hot tub stuff here. there is a lot of Just Chatting going on. So I was incorrect when I said that the nature of her content hadn't changed."

Amouranth's claims of abuse have been met with skepticism from Destiny

In a livestream in October, Amouranth shared details about her husband's alleged abuse. She claimed that her hot tub content was his idea and that he would coerce her into streaming for long periods. She added that he was in control of her finances and would threaten to harm her pet dogs if she didn't do as he ordered.

Following an outpouring of concern and support from the streaming community, she notified the public that she had safely removed herself from the situation and was filing for divorce. She also took a short break from streaming before returning days later.

Destiny was one of many streamers following the situation closely. He stated that the version of events described by Amouranth was unlikely. According to him, there was more to the situation than was publicly shown. He received backlash for his skepticism but did not back down from them.

The YouTuber said:

"If you look at it and you're not at least being a little bit skeptical, you haven't learned anything about anything relating to media that's gone on over the past year or two."

When Amouranth returned to streaming, Destiny was quick to criticize that her brand of content had not changed much, as she was still doing hot tub streams on Twitch.

During his latest stream, he offered a sarcastic apology to Amouranth, saying that her content has drastically changed before pulling up a screenshot of her top clips from the past month. As mentioned earlier, almost all of the clips in the screenshot were from hot tub streams.

He then said:

"I was not aware that she has actually made a hardcore transition into non-hot tub stuff."

While it is true that Amouranth still does hot tub streams, they make up a lower percentage of her content than before. In addition to diversifying her content, her streams aren't quite as long as they used to be.

Destiny is correct to say that Amouranth's content has not changed much, but that is, by no means, a confirmation that her claims of abuse were insincere.

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