Twitch streamer Amouranth reveals she has a husband, shows abusive chats with him consisting of threats

Amouranth's October 16, 2022 livestream goes viral as she reveals and talks about her abusive husband (Image via Amouranth/Twitch)

On October 16, prominent Twitch streamer Kaitlyn "Amouranth" broke down and had an emotional moment after having a phone conversation with her husband live on stream.

The streamer had an upsetting discussion with her husband, who threatened to kill her dogs and steal all of their money.

Amouranth disclosed abusive texts from her husband a few moments after the phone call. She revealed messages in which the latter threatened to throw away her items and merchandise when she did not respond to his messages.

Amouranth has revealed that she has a husband, along with revealing his abuse He has threatened to kill her dogs, take all their money, and forced her to stream. (1/4)

Amouranth breaks down and cries live on stream after having a harrowing conversation with her husband

Kaitlyn's October 16 broadcast went viral on the internet after she revealed that she had a husband who abused her. At one point during the livestream, the 28-year-old internet personality inquired why her husband had threatened to kill her dogs:

"Why did you say you want to kill my dogs?"

The husband sternly demanded that the streamer leave the house. Kaitlyn initially complied. However, she had a change of mind and stated that she would not leave her house because her dogs were there.

The man on the other side of the phone call told the streamer to take her dogs and leave:

"Well, take the dogs and leave!"

Amouranth confronted him and revealed that he forced her to host a 24-hour livestream. The husband lashed out after hearing the comment and exclaimed:

"No! Did not say that! Now you're just f***ing being a liar! I said, 'I'm going to tell you what I said, in terms of the earlier!' You're saying you did not say that! And then you tell me, 'What did you say?'"

Kaitlyn broke down and started crying on the stream. She emotionally said:

"I tried to tell you what I heard from you, and then you called me a liar. What are you even talking about? You brought up the dogs out of nowhere! What point are you even proving?!

The husband continued shouting and remarked:

"My point is, are you listening or not?! If you're not, then get the f**k out! Well, if you're listening, then it makes perfect sense! I'll just say it one more time, if you don't get it, I need you to get the f***k out!"

Amouranth reveals her husband has control over her monetary accounts and that he threatened to "burn everything" on cryptocurrency

Kaitlyn provided details on her monetary situation, stating that her husband had control over all of their accounts. She mentioned that the latter threatened to leave her with $1 million and that he would take the rest:

"I'm going to leave you with $1 million and I'm going to take the rest, because I worked harder than you. If you don't agree, then I'm going to burn it all; I'm going to put it all on f***ing crypto! All these threats, always threats."

Amouranth expressed concern for her animals and stated:

"All the f***ing accounts are like, two-factored on his number. He has like, all the login information and the things you know. It's the things, that keeps you there with the fear and the threats. You fear that he's going to do something to your animals, and then he's nice again."
He threatened to leave her with only $1M, and to burn everything on cryptoThe terrifying part is that he has control over all of the accounts(3/4)

Amouranth reveals abusive texts

Kaitlyn took the opportunity to showcase the abusive texts from her husband during the aforementioned livestream. She read aloud some offensive messages from her partner and said:

"It's like, 'Next time when I say plan, do it. Dumb f**k, do you understand?' Like, what are you talking about? Like, 'F**k this, I'm calling you.' So I just direct him to the stream. I said, 'I can't talk right now, we are getting WiFi,' [Husband's response] 'I don't care. Get the call now. Last chance. I'm about to dump your luggage,' out of your hotel room."

The streamer continued showcasing and reading the texts:

"'Throwing your stupid merch off the balcony. Proceeding to ditch your stuff. You don't need the makeup or like, the live view,' like the stream (unrecognizable). 'Deleting social media in one minute. Buying options that expire and blasting the cash! I'm about to shut down the bank accounts, and your bank accounts too. Lag is terrible, stream is garbage!'"

The final batch of conversation screenshots revealed that the husband threatened to delete Amouranth's Twitter handle:

"'About to delete Twitter in 30 seconds, if you don't call me.' My phone's literally off, right? My phone just, literally died. 'Going to $250,000 to Palomacy.' It's a bird sanctuary that he likes."
Amouranth showed text messages from him calling her a dumb f*ck and supposedly throwing away money and her accounts as threats when she wasn't responding to him(4/4)

Fans react to the harrowing livestreaming moment

GUARD Hunter's Twitter discussion thread gained a lot of traction as hundreds of streaming community members reacted to Amouranth's livestream. Here's what they had to say:

@HUN2R Is she safe now w/ her dogs and in control of the accounts?Or is this just happening? Needs to get police involved and accounts locked out asap, not sure what the process is for the latter but surely it can be done right?
@HUN2R What the actual?
@HUN2R @fentysimp is legal action being taken for this? I hope so.
@HUN2R @ravgenfm :( i hope shes safe
@HUN2R @kaguyaxoxo Omg its terrifying is she okay after showing it to public? Is there a way to save her?
@HUN2R Man Ig u can never judge a book by a cover fr I would’ve never expected this
@HUN2R @kikieatspizza O my god Does anyone have any idea how we can help her ????

An "assistant" called Amouranth at the very end of her October 16 livestream to inquire whether she had taken her medication. The livestream then abruptly ended.

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