“I look so cool”: Mizkif hilariously mocks Valkyrae on Twitch while streaming Mario Party 

Mizkif taunts Valkyrae during a recent Mario Party stream (Images via Twitch/Twitter)
Mizkif taunts Valkyrae during a recent Mario Party stream (Images via Twitch/Twitter)
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Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo took a harsh jab at Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter while in a game of Mario Party with her on November 2, 2021.

The two streamers were playing with Thomas "Sykkuno" and Miyoung "Kkatamina" Kim. Midway through the match, Mizkif dropped a bombshell, leading Sykkuno to laugh in horror as Valkyrae sat visibly dejected at the joke.

Valkyrae says her heart dropped after Mizkif taunts her

Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter is slowly returning to streaming and content-creation in general after the controversy surrounding RFLCT reached its final page.

Prior to her November 2 stream, Valkyrae had streamed during the middle of October, right before unveiling her controversial venture. At the start of her recent live stream, she stated that things were over with RFLCT and she would be moving on from that chapter.

Her fans were happy to see the streamer doing well. She also stated that she started going to therapy to deal with her trauma.

Valkyrae was scheduled to play Mario Party alongside Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo, Thomas "Sykkuno," and Miyoung "Kkatamina" Kim. Mizkif had previously helped Valkyrae during the peak of her scandal.

Throughout the match, all of them experienced errors with their connection which made it harder to win. Mizkif was constantly on the receiving end of these errors, leading to Sykkuno making the following comment to cheer him up:

"Honestly, you're like the protagonist who's getting weighed down with all of these disadvantages, but he still wins anyways because he just looks cool."

Mizkif's face lit up, realizing the golden opportunity he had ahead of him. He followed up with a quick "I'm so cool," and then proceeded to say this:

"It's all thanks to this new product I have. You guys may have heard about it."

The streamer then got up from his seat as if he was bringing back a product he was talking about. In reality, Mizkif was referring to Valkyrae's now-defunct skincare line, RFLCT.

Valkyrae immediately recognized what he was trying to do, whispered, "Oh my god," which Rinaudo heard. He told her to chill, to which Rae responded that her heart sank after hearing what he said.

Sykkuno then interjected, stating that he didn't pick up on the joke and thought Rinaudo was leading everyone to showcase an actual product. Mizkif, not backing down for a second, replied:

"Well just like Rae I don't have anything, you know."

He then snorted at his comment while Sykkuno filled the background with awkward laughter. From Valkyrae's point of view, she seemed visibly amazed at his words, not knowing what to say. Mizkif proceeded to apologize several times, repeating that he's "gotta chill."


Mizkif isn't the only streamer to take a jab at Valkyrae over her controversy with RFLCT. During the tail-end of October, right after the scandal broke out, Ludwig Ahgren called himself the "Valkyrae of Twitch."

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