RFLCT scam: Mizkif calls Valkyrae to stop her from making a major mistake on livestream

Mizkif calls Valkyrae to stop her from making a major mistake on livestream (Image via NETCLIPS on YouTube)
Mizkif calls Valkyrae to stop her from making a major mistake on livestream (Image via NETCLIPS on YouTube)
Riddhima Pal

Valkyrae broke her silence regarding the RFLCT controversy on her October 24 stream, where she explained her side of things to her audience. However, when she decided to read Reddit posts related to RFLCT, Mizkif called to stop her right on time.

Apparently the website has been updated but won’t be fully updated until Monday. Regardless I will go live tomorrow 3pm pst; will share my experience with RFLCT and everything about it, friends/social media, etc. See ya then

Valkyrae has been receiving a lot of hate lately due to her RFLCT skincare controversy. The streamer recently launched her brand of skincare which caters specifically to gamers. The brand claims to use BLPF (Blue Light Prevention Factor) to protect the skin from the harmful effects of blue light emitted from computer screens. The claims fell through soon enough when people called out the brand for creating problems to provide a solution for the same.

Mizkif advises Valkyrae not to go through Reddit looking for RFLCT controversy

Valkyrae addressed the RFLCT controversy in her latest stream, which has now been removed from her YouTube channel. She explained how there were actual studies conducted to back the claims made by RFLCT. However, they could not be published on the website since others could steal the studies. However, when she got on board with RFLCT, she was unaware that the studies would not be shown on the website.

After explaining her side of things, the streamer decided to go through Reddit to see what people posted about her and RFLCT. Mizkif came through to stop Valkyrae from doing this. He advised her to go offline and talk to a friend or hang out with someone off stream.

"Rae, do you have anyone around you that you can just chill with? Okay, seriously, I'm telling you, this is the best advice I can give you right now."

He recounted his own experiences where he hung out with fellow streamer Arab when he was going through difficult times and credited his mental well-being to Arab. Mizkif explained that although Valkyrae would be very tempted to go through posts about RFLCT, she should refrain from doing so. The posts would make her question her integrity as a person, and she did not need to go through that in her current state.

Mizkif assured her that the posts would die down in about a day or two, but Rae firmly believes they would continue for at least a week now.

"If it does, the best thing you need to do is just not read those comments. It's a never-ending cycle. You're gonna read every one and think you're a horrible human being."

He asked her to spend some time offline until the hate died down and just be with friends and other human company. It seems like Mizkif's advice did help Valkyrae since she posted a tweet later on thanking the former.

Mizkif proved to be an excellent friend to Valkyrae with his advice. Many fans appreciated Mizkif for making Rae stop what they called a "trainwreck of a stream." Valkyrae is not in the best mental state right now, so she should take some time off before making any comments about her involvement with RFLCT.

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