"I’m not even sh*tting you bro": Hamlinz reveals how a multi-million dollar deal fell through during Twitch peak

Hamlinz reveals how he was offered a multi-million dollar deal (Image via Sportskeeda)
Hamlinz reveals how he was offered a multi-million dollar deal (Image via Sportskeeda)

In an interesting turn of events, NRG content creator Darryle "Hamlinz" Hamlin has revealed how Mixer made him a mouth-watering offer to make the switch from Twitch.

Hamlinz and Daequan left fans on tenterhooks when they disappeared in early 2020. The two returned to Twitch last month under the NRG banner, entertaining their viewers yet again with their sense of humor and gaming skills.

Hamlinz, though, revealed how he could've joined Mixer in 2019 when Microsoft's failed streaming platform was poaching streamers to compete with Twitch and YouTube.

Hamlinz disappeared in 2020 only to return in 2021 as part of NRG

Mixer was responsible for alluring Ninja and Shroud away from their respective platforms. Both streamers were paid millions of dollars for the switch but have subsequently returned to the purple platform following Mixer's collapse.

Hamlinz revealed during one of his recent streams how he could've followed in the footsteps of Ninja and Shroud, but the deal slipped away because his streams became less frequent.

Here's what he said:

"Y’all wanna know something that’s crazy? Mixer offered me $7-10 million to go over there. This was when I was like peaking – 40k viewers every stream. I’m not even sh*tting you bro… And then I started streaming less, I was in conversation with them. We were talking and talking and then they hit me with the “I dunno Hamz you’re just not streaming enough. I think we’re gonna take the deal back.’ That is a true story."

Hamlinz, on his emotional return to Twitch last month, revealed the reason behind his decision to step away.

He stated how close he was to his grandfather. Sadly, after he passed away, Hamlinz found himself on a sticky wicket. He struggled to deal with the scenario but pushed himself to keep streaming as a coping mechanism.

However, he soon realized that he needed to step away from streaming to take some time off to heal.

He said:

"It just made it worse, and until eventually, I was like, I need to step away. I busted my a** to get back. I meditated two or three times a day. I watched positive sh*t. I tried my best to make sure my mental was good."

Hamlinz kicked off his return stream by hopping on the Rust bandwagon. However, he streams a variety of titles, including Fortnite, and from the looks of it, it's like he never left.

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